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Company Profile
Tradematt (Henan) Industry Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company focusing on the research, development, manufacturing and selling of aerogel insulation materials. We have independent intellectual property rights as well as corresponding licenses like manufacturing license for I & II class pressure vessels and A-class boilers.Today, as challenge traditional thinking in Aerogel insulation materials applications, Tradematt offer a wide rang of products: Fiberglass Aerogel Banket,Ceramic Fiber Aerogel Banket,Carbon Fiber Aerogel Banket,Aluminum Foil Aerogel Banket,Aerogel Powder,Aerogel Particles,Aerogel Glass etc .

They have a wide application in Pipeline insulation industry ,Transport industry ,Metallurgical industry, achitechive,Offshore insulation operation etc.
Our aerogel insulation materials have been exported to Pakistan ,Turkey ,United states ,Indonesia,Taiwan etc .
Metallurgical industry
Pipeline insulation industry
Transport industry
Offshore insulation operation

Tradematt- aerogel focus on High Quality, Continuous Improvement, Outstanding Service and Trust both in the company and in the relationships with customers. The people of Tradematt- aerogel always carry the spirit of crafsmen all the time , so we are known as an excellent source for high quality aerogel insulation materials supplies and service. 

Our Values
At Tradematt- aerogel company ,we understand that creating aerogel insulation is not only simply the price of suppling the aerogel insulation materials for customers , but also supply professional solutions according to the site working conditions and in time service .
The value is about producing aerogel insulation materials that are reliability and safety. 
The value is pay great attention to customer needs ,made customized solutions to according customer needs. 
The value is the before sale ,saling and after sale service at any time to our customer.
The value is meeting the needs of our customers by providing the products of the high quality-aerogel and the best technical surpport .