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Automotive Engine Exhaust Pipe Aerogel Insulation Slevee
Operating Temperature Range
Thermal Conductivity
Burning Level
Hydrophobic Rate
Particle Size
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Automotive engine exhaust pipe aerogel insulation slevee

The exhaust pipe from the engine is divided into three sections.

The first section of the pipeline connecting the engine, the temperature of 500 degrees,

The second temperature is 300 degrees.

The third car exhaust pipe within 100 degrees

Aerogel insulation slewed generally applied in the front two sections

aerogel insulation slevee1.jpg



Good springiness for fiber 

Excellent strength and resistance to blowing

Chemical stability, erosion resistance

Low thermal conductivity

Low thermal shrinkage

Excellent sound absorption

Flexible customization(Color, width, thickness, shape. . .


1. Filling insulation and joint sealing

2. Back-up lining for industrial furnaces

3. Fireproof materials for construction

4. High temperature materials for filtration  

5. Raw materials for further producing, such as modules


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