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Aerogel Powder
40-120 kg/m³
Operating Temperature Range
Thermal Conductivity
Burning Level
Hydrophobic Rate
> 99%
Particle Size
0.5-1.0 MM
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Silica Aerogel Powder from Joda are hydrophobic (water-repelling) millimeter-sized particles of silica aerogel produced through CO2 supercritical fluid extraction. Used in a variety of industrial applications including subsea pipe insulation and daylighting. Use it as an inexpensive way to experience some classic “blue” aerogel or as fill to make your own translucent superinsulating barrier.Production of Silica Aerogel Powder can be tailored to varying particle sizes. The primary product currently offered has a particle size of 20um with a thermal conductivity measuring 0.017 ~ 0.022 W/mžK. Smaller particle grades are also available upon request. 

Silica Aerogel Powder Insulation performance better.
Silica Aerogel Powder Overall fire, A-level non-combustible.
Silica Aerogel Powder Construction is simple, safe.
Silica Aerogel Powder Excellent acoustic noise reduction.
Silica Aerogel Powder Excellent hydrophobic properties.

Oil and gas pipelines, Silica Aerogel Powder can not only be used to keep heat, cold, but also anti-corrosion, waterproof, prolong the service life of the pipeline.
Chemical equipment, Silica Aerogel Powder can be added to a variety of organic solvents to protect the performance of equipment.
Construction industry, thermal insulation of walls and floor. Reduce the loss of indoor temperature, save on living costs.
Gas masks, Silica Aerogel Powder have a strong adsorption function, and itself without any toxicity.
Water Pollution Treament, Silica Aerogel Powder contain more than 90% of the air, showing a network structure, it can efficiently remove impurities in the sewage.




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