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Micron Aluminum Metal Fiber
Operating Temperature Range
Thermal Conductivity
Burning Level
Hydrophobic Rate
Particle Size
60 to 200 micron
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Micron Aluminum Metal Fiber
Our Micron Aluminum Metal Fiber and processed products are with diameters ranging from 60 to 200 micron, available in Aluminum. It is made by our unique technology Coil Shaving Method. Due to this technology we are able to provide suitable products to our customers various requirements such as Webs, Textiles, Fiber tows and sheets.
aluminum fiber

Aluminum fiber panel, which is made by adopting special processes,
with the advantages of small thickness, light mass, fireproof property, waterproof property, corrosion resistance, stable sound-absorbing performance, good weather.

It can be widely used for soundproof panel, ceiling material, outside decoration material also indoor soundproof wall panel.




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