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Aluminum Foil Silica Aerogel Insulation Glass Fiber Blanket
3/6/10 mm
< 1400 mm
200±20 kg/m³
Operating Temperature Range
Thermal Conductivity
0.016 (W/m.K)
Burning Level
Hydrophobic Rate
> 99%
Particle Size
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Aluminum Foil Silica aerogel insulation blanket  is one of our hot sale products.It has chosen the acupuncture fiber as substrate, and then the aerogel is compounded into the substrate. It has the thermal insulation performance and surface hydrophobicity and excellent flame retardant properties. The thermal conductivity at room temperature in 0.016 (W/m.K), is lower than the static air; The aerogel product is of high hydrophobicity; at room temperature, the water repellent rate of can be up to 99%; Excellent flame retardant performance, and fire rating has met the national A1 standard. And the temperature of the product using range is wide, Joda Aerogel fiberglass blanker could be used according to the different requirements in -200 ~ 650 DEG C for adiabatic pipe and tank, using the furnace of industrial equipment and pipeline.

Good springiness for fiber
Excellent strength and resistance to blowing
Chemical stability, erosion resistance
Low thermal conductivity
Low thermal shrinkage

Filling insulation and joint sealing
Back-up lining for industrial furnaces
Fireproof materials for construction
High temperature materials for filtration
Raw materials for further producing, such as modules




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