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Aerogel Market in Electronics
2018-04-17 11:22:12       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

Water heater

Improve the thermal efficiency of domestic water heaters, many manufacturers focus on the study of vacuum tube, open source is of course important, throttling can not be ignored, good water tank insulation work to improve the thermal efficiency of the water heater is equally important. The material of the insulating layer is closely related to the length of the holding time. The cooling of the water tank is controlled at 5-7 degrees Celsius within 24 hours at room temperature. Water heater insulation materials used by different manufacturers are also different, and some use low-cost insulation materials, insulation effect is difficult to guarantee, which virtually increase the energy consumption of heat pump water heaters.

Aerogel Market in Electronics
 There are a wide variety of insulation materials for household electrical appliances. The latest aerogel material currently available on the market can be said to be the best material to replace traditional insulation materials. Zhongning Science Aerogel has excellent thermal insulation performance and good construction performance. It has extremely low thermal conductivity and excellent fire-retardant properties, which can be used for insulation and heat insulation of equipment and heating elements. The highest temperature can be used for about 1000 °C insulation environment, not only that, aerogel thermal insulation material insulation performance is also reflected in the following aspects: Low thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity at room temperature of 0.018W/m · k; excellent Water-repellent performance, water-repellent rate ≥ 99%; excellent mechanical processing performance; high strength, anti-tearing; high flexibility, safety and environmental protection, non-toxic;
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Because of its good integrity, it is easy to cut, so it is used in various fields: industrial insulation, sealing, insulation of instruments and equipment, electric heating elements, insulation of pipeline insulation heating equipment, heat insulation for automobile and aerospace industries, isolation of building materials, metallurgy and glass industry; Molten metal gaskets, fireproof materials; household appliances microwave ovens, induction cookers, ovens, fireplaces, gas stoves, hair dryers, and other special insulation.