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Aerogel Materials' Application in the Solar Industry
2017-12-07 14:56:18       From: Tradematt-Aerogel


Flat-panel solar collectors are one of the most widely used and most successful solar collectors in the world today. The utility model has the characteristics of big lighting area, simple structure, no tracking, reliable operation, low cost, safe operation, maintenance-free and long service life. However, the top heat loss is larger, the working temperature is lower, and the thermal efficiency is lower. In general, the top heat loss accounts for about 60% of the total heat loss, so effectively reducing the top heat loss is the main way to increase its thermal efficiency.

In the civilian sector, the efficient insulation of solar water heaters and other heat-collecting devices has become a key factor in further enhancing the energy efficiency of solar installations and further enhancing their practicality. As nano-porous super insulation material production technology continues to mature and production costs continue to decline, the first application of aerogel materials in homes and units of solar water heaters. The application of nanoporous super-insulating Aerogel Materials to water heaters for storage tanks, pipes and collectors will more than double the heat collection efficiency of existing solar water heaters and the heat loss will drop below 30% of the current level. 

The efficiency of flat-panel solar collectors is closely related to the collector heat rate and the emissivity of the transparent cover plate. Aerogel Materials composite glass can greatly improve the efficiency of the collector instead of the traditional glass, which can effectively reduce the heat of the cover plate, the heat-absorbing plate and the surrounding environment loss. 
Aerogel Materials new material contains astonishing business opportunities, such as China's current vacuum tube solar collectors, the market accounted for more than 80%, flat-panel solar collector market less than 20%, while in foreign countries, flat-panel solar collector market share Accounting for more than 80%. If one-third of the country's solar water heaters use 0.1 cubic meters of Aerogel Materials, the output value of 2 billion yuan can be achieved each year.
Aerogel Materials applications can indeed improve the efficiency of flat-panel collectors, specifically in the following two aspects:
(1) Reducing the heat loss at the top The heat loss at the top of the ordinary glass cover is 7.14 w / m 2 · ° C, while the heat loss at the top of the Aerogel Materials cover is only 2.562 w / m 2 · ° C and the top heat loss is reduced by 64%.
(2) to improve the efficiency of the collector Traditional glass cover collector efficiency of 0.3162, Aerogel Materials glass as the cover efficiency of 0.4855, the efficiency increased by 53.5%.
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