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Aerogel insulation materials in the military field
2019-03-15 10:07:22       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

 Aerogel insulation materials in the military field

Aerogel not only has a very low thermal conductivity, but also has outstanding performance in high temperature insulation, low temperature cooling, sound insulation, shock wave resistance, infrared protection, etc. Therefore, in the military field, aerogel also has a unique advantage. Space suits, detectors, aircraft cabins, nuclear submarines, tanks, nuclear reactors for steam-powered guided missile destroyers, evaporators, boilers, and complex high-temperature steam piping systems. It can enhance the heat insulation effect, reduce the temperature inside the cabin, effectively reduce the amount of insulation materials, increase the space used in the cabin, and effectively improve various working environments.

 Advantages of aerogels

1, low thermal conductivity, saving space
The thermal conductivity of aerogel is much lower than that of traditional insulation materials, which can reduce the thickness of insulation layer to 1/3 to 1/5, thus greatly reducing the thickness of weapon equipment;

2, with infrared blocking effect
The aerogel insulation material has a high infrared blocking rate;

3, fire retardant
The aerogel has a fire resistance of S5 (testing standard DIN 5510) and is fully compliant with military requirements.

4, shockproof explosion-proof
The aerogel is a porous three-dimensional network structure, which is very beneficial to the shock wave attenuation, so it has a good anti-shock and explosion-proof effect.
aerogel insulation in military field