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Application of Aerogel's Fireproof and Insulation Performance in Special Clothing
2018-05-09 18:20:18       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

Firefighters often fight on the fire, expedition members are busy in extreme environments, and some workers are engaged in dangerous work every day... The aerogel composites produced by Tradematt can become the “tie” of these warriors. Protect their safety and improve their comfort at work.

Fire protection clothing

Fire protection clothing is a protective clothing worn by firefighters and high-temperature workers during near-fire operations, including fireproof jackets, fireproof pants, fireproof hoods, fireproof gloves, and fireproof feet.

Glass fiber aerogel insulation blanket and Carbon fiber aerogel insulation blanket have the advantages of light weight, self-flame-retardant, high temperature resistance, heat radiation resistance, water resistance, harmless to the human body, etc., and can effectively protect firefighters and high-temperature workplace workers from approaching heat sources. It was burned with heat, flame, and steam.

Fire escape clothing

Fire suits are protective clothing worn by firemen when they enter the fire scene to prevent a vicious fire and rescue work. They must have good flame resistance and thermal insulation properties.

Added Carbon fiber aerogel insulation blanket or Glass fiber aerogel conditioning blanket
 The lining of the fire escape suit is stronger than the traditional clothing of the same kind, and can withstand 1000 °C of flame, and can effectively prevent the splash of high temperature steam.

Flame retardant work clothes

Flame-retardant work clothes made of aerogel insulation blanket are suitable for shipbuilding, steel industry, machinery industry, petroleum industry, automobile manufacturing, fire control, industrial furnace, metal processing, welding, chemical industry and other places, engaged in open flame or sparks or It is used in the vicinity of smelting metal, and in places where there is flammable material and there is a risk of fire, to reduce the risk of human beings being exposed to fire due to the burning of clothing.

After receiving flames and hot objects directly, the flame-retardant work clothes can slow the spread of the flames and form carbonized layers to protect the safety and health of the operators.