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Building Insulation
2017-12-05 17:42:41       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

Building interior wall applications


Aerogel insulation materials with an extremely low thermal conductivity, effectively cut off the heat transfer between buildings and the outside world. The material has the advantages of high heat resistance, low heat transfer coefficient, high efficiency and fire prevention, substantially reducing the thickness of the insulation layer and long service life. The material can be used in conjunction with the relevant applications in the building interior wall area, and the material inorganic environmentally friendly, is the best choice for building insulation applications.

Aerogel insulation materials Main performance advantages:

● inorganic composition for the building to provide fire, heat double protection

● A1 class fire thermal conductivity as low as 0.018 W / m · k, burning under high temperature does not release any harmful substances

● Insulation and thermal insulation performance is superior, significantly reduce heating and cooling energy consumption

● Sound insulation performance, effectively blocking external noise

● The overall material hydrophobic, easy construction, long service life.
Roof insulation
About 15% ~ 20% of the heat in the building is dissipated from the roof, and the roof is also one of the main heat source channels for warming the interior of the house. Therefore, the roof surface is effectively insulated to prevent condensation and frost, To create a warm and comfortable environment is particularly important. At the same time, to prevent the infiltration of water vapor on the roof, erosion is also very important.

Aerogel building insulation profiles with its superior thermal insulation properties, the overall hydrophobic, stable chemical and physical properties and good flexibility to meet the slender and small space insulation construction and other characteristics in this area highlights its usefulness.

Aerogel building insulation Main performance advantages:

● Very low thermal conductivity: excellent thermal insulation properties, greatly reducing the thickness of the insulation layer at the same time can meet (especially solar roofs, etc.) a small space insulation

● Energy efficient: Reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling

● Flame-resistant flame-through: Improve the fire rating of houses and extend the effective escape time

● overall hydrophobic: enhance the anti-seepage capacity of the floor, isolated too water, to reduce the erosion of wet ground on the floor

● Low density, light weight: reduce the weight of the roof, reduce the construction difficulty

● Easy to operate: reduce construction costs, while meeting the slender part of the construction requirements

 House floor insulation applications
The floor is the part of the house that is in direct contact with the ground. The indoor and the ground can conduct good heat exchange through the solid thermal conductivity. Meanwhile, the moisture in the ground infiltrates into the room, thus affecting people's normal life. In addition, items such as furniture placed on the ground put a lot of pressure on the underground insulation, making the traditional material insulation is greatly reduced. In the meantime, when water vapor permeates the insulation layer, the conventional hydrophobic material does not become a breeding ground for bacteria after it has absorbed moisture.

The use of the overall hydrophobic airgel building insulation profiles, compressive ability, under pressure does not decline the thermal insulation performance, while enhancing the water barrier to block the ability of water vapor through, especially for warm and humid climate zone, and the insulation layer Will not breed bacteria.

Aerogel floor insulation materials Main performance advantages:

● Persistent insulation: Isolation of the ground cool, help maintain the indoor temperature

● long-term moisture: isolated floor moisture, sanitary, floor protection, to prevent creep

● Inorganic composition: does not breed bacteria

● comfortable pedal sense: a slight gentle sense of stampede floor, comfortable and natural; to absorb heavy landing impact, floor protection, reduce the litter damage

● Quiet sound insulation: isolation floor vibration, enhance the privacy of the room

● Stable performance: long service life

● Construction convenience: placed above the waterproof layer, plus the outer cover can be