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Cool Aerogel Insulation Materials in LNG Storage and Transportation
2018-05-07 18:25:18       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

  In recent years, more attention has been paid to the development and utilization of natural gas. Due to the uneven distribution of natural gas in the world, the sea transportation of natural gas is made possible. The temperature of liquefied natural gas (LNG) at atmospheric pressure is approximately -162°C. Large LNG storage and transportation equipment cannot withstand high pressures and can only be transported under atmospheric or low pressure conditions. This requires a lot of cool. Aerogel insulation materials. Liquefied natural gas has certain transportation problems from production to use. In order to improve the cold preservation effect of LNG tanks and reduce the evaporation rate of LNG, it is necessary to select suitable cool aerogel insulation materials from the development point of view.

LNG characteristics

LNG is a mixture of methane, ethane, propane, and other hydrocarbons. Its main component is methane. Natural gas is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, flammable gas. If the human body inhales a small amount of gas, it will not directly cause damage to the body. However, when the volume of natural gas contained in the air is greater than 40%, people cannot survive. The combustion limit range is 5% to 15% when natural gas is mixed with air. However, LNG transport conditions are generally -200°C liquids, so transported tanks require the best cool aerogel insulation materials.

LNG ship loading and unloading

Since natural gas is a flammable substance, oxygen is not allowed in tanks storing LNG. Cool aerogel insulation materials can limit the entry of oxygen and maintain the temperature of natural gas. LNG ships should first be inerted and purified when they are first filled with liquids. The main steps for LNG ships to fill liquids are inertization and purification of cargo tanks, precooling of cargo tanks, and filling of liquids.

LNG must use the best cold insulation material --- cool aerogel insulation materials

LNG is a high-tech, difficult and high value-added ship. In order to improve the safety and efficiency of LNG transportation, it is necessary to study its cold insulation materials, and cool aerogel insulation materials will be the most suitable insulation material for cold insulation. Cool aerogel insulation materials As the best material for insulation and cold insulation in the world, it has low thermal conductivity, good fireproof and hydrophobic properties, fire rating A1 grade, and water repellency rate of 99% or more; the unique nano three-dimensional network structure provides excellent The high temperature stability, to avoid the accumulation of plastic materials due to vibration caused by a sharp decline in insulation properties; the same time, the product is composed of inorganic materials, non-harmful substances and the PH value is neutral, no corrosion on the construction object; cool aerogel insulation Materials The superior performance of traditional materials will make them the materials of choice in the field of insulation and cooling in the future.