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Daily Necessities Insulation
2018-04-17 09:55:46       From: Tradematt-Aerogel
Due to the unique characteristics of aerogel, new application areas have been continuously excavated and new products have emerged since it was moved from the laboratory to the practical application. The outstanding properties make aerogel stand out in many materials, but these characteristics are also double-edged swords. In the decades of aerogel going to market, aerogel glass fiber blanket is still the most widely accepted in the market. Industrial products. With the gradual development of materials, people gradually focus on aerogel daily necessities insulation. The field of daily necessities heat preservation is more demanding on the product, because the daily necessities products go directly into people's lives, so the durability, non-toxicity, and cost-effectiveness of the products will all have higher requirements.

Based on the original aerogel product technology, the Tradematt R&D team has tackled one difficulty after another, from the initial substrate issues to the subsequent powder-off prevention solutions to the flexible materials solutions. At present, Tradematt has a number of aerogel daily necessities patents and has already converted some of these technologies into commercial products.

Aerogel cooling press cups, aerogel insulation cup sets, aerogel winter clothes, aerogel warm house belts and other products have quietly entered the lives of the public. Tradematt aerogel composites are widely used in sleeping bags, hiking boots, cold-resistant tents, protective clothing and other daily necessities for their excellent thermal insulation properties, and their lower thickness and weight make them more fashionable and superior. The flexibility and hydrophobicity of the product still have good thermal properties while being tensile and compressive. At present, aerogel is mainly used in the daily necessities market in the insoles, high-altitude boots, sleeping mats, etc., and clothing, sleeping bags and incubators and other equipment are gradually becoming a trend.

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Tradematt Aerogel Application Benefits

The ultra-thin insulation thickness and good flexibility make it more fashionable and design, comfortable to wear and flexible.

Class A fire performance and lotus-like hydrophobic properties make it more suitable for field use.

In the harsh outdoor environment, the excellent properties of aerogel composites can make it more desirable.

In the conventional washing and drying cycle, it still has its own properties.

Insulation insulation, provide users with safety protection, improve product insulation performance.

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Application Solution

The use of about 2mm thick aerogel material can meet the shoe's insulation performance requirements.

Aerogel materials can be applied to insoles, uppers, heels, and ankles. The usual method of use is to sandwich a layer of aerogel material between two layers of fabric.