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Environmental Purification
2018-04-17 10:52:05       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

“Modern Exploitation” and “Irona of the Mediterranean” collided with oil spill accidents: On December 7, 2004, the “Modern Expedition” wheel of the 182-meter-tall Panamax container vessel sailed from Shenzhen Yantian Port to Singapore and from Shenzhen. The captain of Chiwan heading for Shanghai collided with a 300-meter German container ship "Irene of the Mediterranean". The "Italian Mediterranean" wheel had damaged the fuel tank, causing more than 1200 tons of ship fuel oil to overflow, forming a long-sea vessel at sea. The oil belt in the Nautical Area (about 16.5 kilometers) has become the largest oil spill accident in Chinese ships, causing pollution in the Pearl River Estuary and total losses of 68 million yuan. The Ministry of Transportation and the Guangdong Provincial Government organized various relevant units to take active actions to effectively control and eliminate leaked fuel at sea, without causing shoreline pollution, protecting the sensitive resources in the Pearl River estuary waters, and preventing the loss from further expansion.

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The methods for the management of marine oil spills are classified into physical, chemical and biological methods.
Physical method: boom, adsorption method, mechanical method;
Chemical method: combustion method, chemical reagent method;
The biological method uses microbial oils as its metabolic nutrient to remove oil pollution.

Due to its large specific surface area and its special nano-porous network structure, Tradematt aerogel has excellent adsorption performance, which is 6 times that of activated carbon, and can be used for water purification and oil adsorption as well as VOCs gas adsorption. Is a new type of green adsorption material.

The exhaust gas purification processing equipment includes an organic exhaust gas purification treatment system and an inorganic exhaust gas purification treatment device.

Organic exhaust gas purification mainly includes various hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, acids, ketones, and amines.

The purification of inorganic waste gas mainly includes sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, carbon oxides, halogens and their compounds.
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Industrial waste pollution control is mainly the burning of fossil fuels (coal and petroleum) by humans during production and living activities.
Rock mining, blasting, building materials crushing, screening, smelting casting, etc.

Air pollutants are mainly dust particles, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxides. Because of the large amount of nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides in the atmosphere, atmospheric pollution has occurred, and pollution incidents have occurred one after
another. Based on the properties of these oxides, scientists proposed techniques for solving pollution including absorption, adsorption, condensation, catalytic conversion, combustion, biological purification, membrane separation, and dilution. The strong
adsorption capacity of Tradematt aerogel itself, especially for benzene pollutants has a very good adsorption purification effect, can be used for industrial and daily gas and water pollution treatment.