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Furnace Insulation Material in Steel Industry
2018-04-23 17:07:39       From: Tradematt-Aerogel
In order to cope with the severe challenges of the energy situation, the energy saving and consumption reduction of industrial heating kilns is an inevitable trend of development. The energy saving of industrial heating kilns is closely related to the technical progress of kiln lining refractories and the technical design and construction of heating kilns. In the energy-saving process of industrial heating kilns, in addition to heat source transformation, sintering process transformation, combustion process transformation, and heating furnace structure reform, the performance of refractory materials used in heating kilns and kiln furniture refractory materials is good for industrial heating kilns. The energy saving effect has a decisive influence.

Furnace Insulation Material developed and produced by Tradematt can be used as a lining insulation layer in kilns, with high temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, good insulation and heat insulation, strong anti-oxidation ability, convenient construction, etc., equivalent to lining the furnace. The upper layer of protective clothing, very good Furnace Insulation Material, greatly extended the use of kiln liner materials and reduce the lining material damage rate.

Combining the kiln furnace and furnace lining for prolonged high temperatures, it is prone to creasing, cracking, shedding, aging, poor insulation and heat preservation. Tradematt aerogel Furnace Insulation Material uses excellent ceramic fiber substrate and aerogel to compound It is made to have better high-temperature performance; It is made of aerogel insulation material with high emissivity, which can increase the heat radiation of the furnace lining to the product to be roasted, so as to reduce the temperature of its outer wall. , Reduce heat loss and reduce fuel consumption.

Tradematt Furnace Insulation Material can bring considerable economic benefits to the furnace manufacturer, greatly improving the safety, normal use and energy efficiency of the furnace. At the same time, Tradematt aerogel Furnace Insulation Material uses heat-resistant heat-insulating materials and is used directly as the inner lining of the furnace, which can effectively reduce the thickness and quality of the lining and achieve the purpose of light weight and energy saving.