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Aerogel - Refuge Chamber Insulation in the Mining Industry
2018-01-22 17:31:43       From: Tradematt-Aerogel
Refuge Chamber thermal insulation best choice:

Mining removable Refuge Chamber installed in the mine, is a new type of emergency refuge when the active self-help and rescue combination of life-saving devices. Placed in the mining face, the main transport lane, yard and other nearby.

Mine removable Refuge Chamber design includes the transitional cabin, equipment and so on. Its technical standards explosion-proof, fire, anti-virus, waterproof, shockproof. In case of an emergency, the Refuge Chamber needs to provide oxygen, food and water to trapped workers and to remove toxic and harmful gases and to save their lives.

Due to the limited space in underground mines, the need for heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant and small-size insulation materials is extremely pressing.

Tradematt supercritical aerogel, with its world's thinnest volume, and exceptional stability against high temperature and corrosion, is the perfect choice for mining Refuge Chamber insulation.

Tradematt supercritical aerogel for coal mining uses many advantages:

Slim volume: aerogel saves 5% of the volume thickness, to adapt to the narrow space within the mine.
Mute protection: Aerogel with excellent sound absorption, sound insulation performance, reducing a variety of external noise.
Insulation protection: aerogel excellent insulation properties in low temperature and high temperature environment can better protect workers.
Fire Protection: Aerogel provides perfect fire protection for a wide range of combinations and steel structures with fewer, lighter weights and lower costs.
Explosion-proof: Aerogel has demonstrated its protective role in short-range explosions.
Superior water repellency: Aerogel has outstanding waterproofing properties and can be used to a maximum extent in underground humid environments by preventing liquid water from permeating and allowing water vapor to pass through.

Comparison of traditional insulation materials and aerogel:
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The thinnest insulation material:
Release the limited spatial area within the Refuge Chamber;
To accommodate more people and equipment to provide comfort;
At the same time to maximize the protection of the cost of protection.

Minimal installation process, complete installation within 2 hours
aerogel install
By welding fasteners, installation of thermal insulation layer, fixed gasket in three steps can be completed. Does not require any chemical adhesive, do not have to wait for the adhesive to dry and then install the interior compartment time, thus shortening the installation time and saving installation costs.

Downhole harsh environment, unparalleled waterproof, anti-aging ability
aerogel waterproof

In mines, perennial humidity is above 90%, Aspen supercritical aerogel to prevent liquid water penetration, while allowing water vapor to pass, to prevent corrosion under the insulation layer. Refuge Chamber is also protected in wet mines.

Tradematt supercritical aerogel insulation blanket waterproofing ingredients throughout the entire material, rather than just surface treatment

The Kistler Supercritical Aerogel Blanket in the Refuge Chamber is designed to effectively prevent the ingress of moisture and moisture and fully protect the Refuge Chamber and interior facilities.

The best effect of preventing CUI:

Supercritical aerogel insulation blanket has the ability to prevent CUI, tested by international professional organizations, showing an amazing ability to prevent CUI.

High temperature or combustion does not release toxic substances, waste can be buried

In mines, emergencies are often accompanied by high temperature and heat. Traditional heat insulating materials release large amounts of toxic and harmful substances (such as toluene and carbon monoxide (CO) when they are burned) during heating or burning, which endangers the safety of Refuge Chamber personnel. The Aspen supercritical aerogel insulation blanket is made of amorphous silica gel and fiber blanket using Supercritical Extraction technology. Its manufacturing process takes the place of the gas in place of the liquid in the gel, creating an extremely light substance with several outstanding features. Its internal does not contain any chemical adhesives and organic components can be UV aging, through the national Class A fire-resistant life-like standards, the Bss7239 test its high temperature will not release any toxic and harmful substances, very green, can be dirt after disposal Buried processing.

Aerogel for the Refuge Chamber Solution:
According to the conditions of 96 hours of living, the designed size of the cabin is generally 10m × 3m × 3m. According to the temperature protection of the refuge cabin under the coal mine in our country, When the indicator should be at least 55 ℃, refuge cabin must be based on its own structure and equipment to control the temperature inside the cabin below 35 ℃, it is recommended to use two Tradematt 10mm aerogel insulation structure to achieve thermal insulation standards.

Aerogel is used in a narrow space Refuge Chamber as a firewall:

6mm thick aerogel made of a firewall, at a flame of 1100 ℃, the other side of the temperature within 15 minutes at a temperature of 138 ℃, the temperature inside the firewall is only 69 ℃.