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Which Areas Aerogel Insulation Mainly Applied Currently?
2018-05-25 18:35:17       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

Due to the nanoporous network structure, the aerogel has a porosity of 80 to 99.8%, and the room temperature thermal conductivity can be as low as 0.013 W/(mk). It is the best material for thermal insulation so far. The most prominent features are light, thin, and separated. Excellent thermal effect, so wherever there is a need for thermal insulation, there is a place for aerogel. 

Aerogel material currently occupies the tip of the entire thermal insulation material market pyramid model, and its scale in the entire thermal insulation material market is almost insignificant. This indicates that the aerogel industry is still in its early stage of development and indicates its future. A huge space for development. Along with the transformation and upgrading of China's economy, the sustained and vigorous promotion of energy-saving policies, and China's many years of nanomaterials strategy, aerogel materials have received extensive attention from government, academia, business, and investment circles in recent years. 

The current product form of aerogel is mainly insulating aerogel blankets, plates, cloths, papers, granules, powders, and shaped parts. Aerogel felts, plates, cloths, papers and special-shaped pieces are all products of aerogels and their corresponding product forms. The basic technical processes are similar, but the application of products is quite different. 

Aerospace industry 

The application of aerogel in the field of aerospace was the earliest and most mature. The first one was the NASA system in the United States. The aerospace field was mainly applied to the insulation of spacecraft cabins, thermal insulation layer of space suits, and protection layer against interplanetary particle impact, etc. Mainly the aircraft cabin thermal insulation and composite stealth materials. Due to the particularity of the aerospace field, the requirements for bulk density and thermal insulation of the material are very demanding. Therefore, the outstanding characteristics of aerogel in this field exactly meet the application requirements in this field. Therefore, the expensive price of aerogel was not so Important. 

Military field

Mainly armored vehicles, warships, missile insulation, special combat clothing and bulletproof equipment, military equipment, anti-infrared materials.


Mainly used in car fire insulation noise reduction layer, large-capacity fireproof waterproof thermal insulation box battery, hazardous chemicals transport vehicles, LNG transport vessels and other special transport tools, thermal insulation and fire protection layer, high-speed rail and subway body insulation and noise reduction Fireproof layer, oil surface adsorption treatment.

Petrochemical industry

Reducing energy consumption is an eternal theme in the petrochemical industry. Aerogels are mainly used in the insulation of various high-temperature pipelines, insulation layers of various low-temperature pipelines, and thermal insulation layers of various reaction vessels and storage tanks. In the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, catalysts are used to adsorb carriers, slow release carriers, and adsorb harmful substances such as heavy metals in wastewater. 

Construction sector

Mainly used in various architectural interior and exterior wall insulation layer, glass insulation layer, roof insulation layer, HVAC insulation layer.

Other civilian areas

The main application is winter clothes, hiking shoes, tents and other outdoor supplies, air purification media, sewage purification media.