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Silica Aerogel Insulation Applied to Thermal Power Plants
2018-05-03 13:29:55       From: Tradematt-Aerogel
In the process of power plant energy conversion, Silica aerogel insulation materials can effectively reduce heat loss, save thermal energy, increase the utilization efficiency of heat sources, and ensure the economic operation of the unit. The selection of thermal insulation materials for thermal power plants should first be followed by the principles of safety, non-toxicity, good stability, no radioactivity, and reusability. Second, attention should be paid to the development trend of thermal insulation materials and the improvement of on-site construction methods to make them more reasonable and efficient. Design power plant insulation set.

The main role of Silica aerogel insulation materials:

1, reduce heat loss Save material

Thermal power plant pipelines cause thermal energy loss when transferring thermal media. If the storm leaks into the air, the heat loss will be as high as 85% if insulation measures are not taken.

2, ensure the safety of operators to improve working conditions

Exposure of exposed parts of the human body to a medium with a temperature higher than 60°C can result in burns. In thermal power plants, many pipe media temperatures range from 100 to 500°C. Therefore, Silica aerogel insulation materials must be provided for use in such environments. scald.

3, to prevent the liquid inside the pipeline and equipment freezing, condensation on the outer surface

When the ambient temperature is lower than the freezing point, the medium will freeze in the pipeline when the unit starts and stops, and outdoor pipes and equipment will form condensation on the outer surface.

4, to prevent the heat medium in the pipeline during the process of temperature reduction

When the temperature decreases, the viscosity of the starting fuel and lubricating oil will increase, causing the medium to transfer slowly and even freeze.

5, to prevent fire

When there are flammable or flammable materials near high-temperature pipelines and equipment, due to thermal energy transmission, if there is no Silica aerogel insulation materials, a fire will be caused.

6, improve the fire insulation

Silica aerogel insulation materials are also fire-resistant, so they can effectively prevent pipes and equipment from being burned out in the event of a fire.

7, prevent vapor condensation

In the process of transporting vaporous media, if no insulation measures are taken, vapor condensation may occur due to temperature drop. It is not difficult to see from the main purpose of insulation, the choice of Silica aerogel insulation materials is the best choice.

Silica aerogel insulation materials advantages:

1. Lasting heat resistance: The unique nano three-dimensional network structure of Silica aerogel insulation materials provides excellent high-temperature stability, avoiding the phenomenon of deformation and accumulation of the traditional materials due to vibration, and a sharp drop in insulation performance.

2, fire, hydrophobic: Silica aerogel insulation materials Fire class A, overall as hydrophobic as lotus leaf. With excellent overall waterproof performance, it can effectively prevent corrosion under the insulation layer (CUI), dredge rate is ≥99%, liquid water is cut off, and water vapor is allowed to pass through.

3, superior insulation performance: Silica aerogel insulation materials Long-term use temperature of 650 °C, thermal insulation performance is 3 to 8 times that of traditional materials, effectively reduce heat loss. And long life, high efficiency and energy saving.

4. Thinner insulation thickness: It takes 1/5 to 1/3 of the thickness to achieve the same insulation effect of traditional materials, reduce heat loss, and improve space utilization. For pipe insulation to increase the distribution rate, but also save the outer layer of stainless steel and other wrapping materials, thereby reducing the total construction cost.

5, good mechanical properties: compressive, tensile, crack resistance, light weight, flexibility, excellent tensile strength, can resist the brute construction and the internal stress when hot and cold alternate. Long-term use without settlement, no deformation.

6, easy to process, convenient construction: Silica aerogel insulation materials Density is less than 200kg/m3 light and convenient, using ordinary cutting tools can be processed into a shape suitable for complex parts. The low-thickness heat insulation layer greatly shortens man-hours and drastically reduces manpower requirements.

7. Soundproof and anti-seismic: Silica aerogel insulation materials At the same time, the equipment can be used for heat insulation, noise reduction, vibration buffering and other functions to improve the environmental quality and protect the equipment.

8, security and environmental protection: Silica aerogel insulation materials composed of inorganic materials, non-hazardous substances to the human body, soluble chloride ion content is minimal, no corrosion of equipment and pipelines, reducing post-maintenance costs.

9, to save logistics costs: thinner Silica aerogel insulation materials, to save transport and storage costs, smaller insulation volume and total weight can significantly reduce transport and warehousing costs.