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Laboratory Supercritical Extraction Equipment
Operating Environment
0- 40Mpa
Major Equipment
Extractor,Separator,Pre-heater,Dry purifier,Refrigerating system,Safety system
Chemical industry, Food field, Medical field, Cosmetics industry, Bioactive substance extraction
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Supercritical fluid CO2 technology is a new and clean isolation technology, which exploits the special dissolving capacity of CO2and target substance under supercritical condition by controlling CO2 pressure, temperature, etc., to dissolve and isolate target substance. Compared with other traditional processes, it shows incomparable advantages, such as, using inert gas as solvent, cheap and easily accessible; pollution-free and environment-friendly; simple process; no residue of chemical solvent in target substance which guarantees the quality of target product.

Reasonable Structure: SFE equipments are high-voltage equipments, therefore, we have designed short connections, high strength, light vibration, to ensure safe and efficient, in order to achieve the reduction of production costs and extraction speed.
Energy-Efficient: We use frequency conversion technology to reduce the power consumption of high-pressure pump by 30%. In addition, automatic heat pump technology is used between the cooling and heat exchanger to heat the heat generated by the cooling unit for gas heating in the system , this can reduce heat consumption by 50%. As a result of fully automatic control, the entire operation is more efficient and convenien-tal, shorten the non-working energy-consuming time, after running more than 10% energy can be saved.
Automatic Operation: Extraction kettle lid mining and quick-open structure, the use of system gas lid, double extraction kettle alternating work, changing the tank time of not more than 5 minutes, saving a lot of time than the traditional methods, but also reduce the labor intensity.
Vertical High-Pressure Pump: High-pressure pump with vertical structure, better shock resistance, longer life expectancy.
Aerogel paper excellent damping performance.

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Chinese Medicine: Tanshinone, artemisinin, bupleuri, ligustrazine, fructus cnidii, perilla seed oil, patchouli oil, cinnamon oil, angelica oil, mangnolia officinalis powder, shikonin, etc.
Health Products: Ganoderma spore oil, lycoypene.
Flavor and Fragrance: Zanthoxylum oil, ginger oil, clove oil, cinnamon bark oil, star anise oil, cumin oil, etc.
Material Preparation: Drying of aerogel, SiO2powder, TiO2 powder, nanoscale targeted drug powder, etc.
Unsaturated Fatty Acids: Seabuckthorn seed oil, wheat germ oil, evening primrose oil, perilla seed oil, grape kernel oil, walnut oil and saw palmetto oil.


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