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Supercritical Drying Device
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Due to its high specific surface area characteristics, aerogels have broad application prospects in aerospace, catalysis, environmental protection, and medical applications. Aerogel preparation and drying technology has become an emerging field in chemical engineering research.
Since the supercritical fluid has both gas and liquid properties, there is no gas-liquid interface, and therefore there is no surface tension. At this time, there is no additional pressure generated by the surface tension in the capillary pores of the gel. Therefore, the use of the gel under the conditions of supercritical fluids does not cause collapse of the gel structure caused by the additional pressure, avoids the shrinkage of the gel during the drying process, and maintains the gel network framework structure. An ultra-fine aerogel with high specific surface area, uniform particle size distribution and large pore volume.



Production Line Description
Our company has improved and upgraded on the basis of the actual application of the original supercritical aerogel drying device
Continuously upgrades and reconstructs products based on research trends in the field, and carries out a series of upgrades on the dryer and pressure control two systems. further improve the product's scope of application and automation.

10L supercritical co2 extraction

The device features:
Aerogels can be prepared using supercritical CO2.
Supercritical fluid extraction technology can be used to extract various active ingredients.
The device not only incorporates supercritical CO2 to prepare aerogel, but also fuses
Main technical parameters:
Working pressure: 32MPa
The maximum working temperature: room temperature -85 °C
Gel dryer volume: 10-2000L

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