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Fire in the Notre Dame de Paris, Aerogel is expected to be revived
2019-04-29 17:07:44       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

 A global lamented fire

On April 15, 2019, Notre Dame debuted.

For a time, people all over the world are praying for this 800-year-old building.

At present, the fire of Notre Dame de Paris has been extinguished. The fire lasted for up to 14 hours.

A group of tourists across the river whispered to the 800-year-old church, and some even prayed for the Notre Dame.

The spire of the church collapsed in flames and smoke, and fortunately the main body of the cathedral was preserved.

Some of the cultural relics including the crown of thorns were successfully rescued. Some participants said: "We rescued the crown of thorns and the vestments of St. Louis. It has also successfully saved several paintings, but large oil paintings are hard to remove as you know."

Imprint of a civilization

The damage caused by each building fire is heavy.

A building, it is not only a combination of wood and stone, but more often it bears the imprint of a country and even a civilization.

The Notre Dame Cathedral was built between 1163 and 1250, when China was still in the Southern Song Dynasty.

With a total height of more than 130 meters, the Notre Dame building is the first complete Gothic church in European history.

The French writer Victor Hugo once called the Notre Dame de Paris "the symphony of stone" in the novel "Notre Dame de Paris".

Perhaps you have also been touched by the kindness and affection of Casimodo in Notre Dame de Paris, and vowed to go to Notre Dame to find Paris.

A magical fireproof insulation material

On April 18, local time, a senior French police official revealed that the fire at Notre Dame was probably caused by a short circuit.

The French media said that the roof of the Notre Dame church was undergoing a repair project costing €6 million, and the materials used in the project caused the fire to spread rapidly and caused a major disaster.

The fires caused by this method have appeared frequently in recent years. So, is it possible for us to let the tragedy not repeat itself?

The answer is yes, the use of aerogel materials can effectively eliminate fire hazards.
00aerogel materials.jpg

According to the inspection by the authoritative organization, the aerogel material can reach the Class A non-combustible standard of GB8624-2012 "Classification of Combustion Performance of Building Materials and Products". Even if it is swallowed by fire, there is no open flame, no droplets, no poison. As a result, aerogel materials can become the building's golden bell and iron cloth, greatly reducing the possibility of fire in the building.

At the same time, the thermal insulation performance of aerogel materials is far superior to traditional materials. The thermal conductivity of aerogel materials is as low as 0.015 W/(m•K) at room temperature, so only 1/3 of the thickness of conventional materials is required. The aerogel material can achieve the same insulation effect. This means that the use of aerogel materials to repair ancient buildings not only maximizes the original appearance of ancient buildings, but also makes them more energy efficient.

At present, a number of landmark buildings in the international market have used aerogel materials, such as the curtain wall of the Yale University Sculpture Museum in Haven, Connecticut, USA, and the TEN23 apartment in New York, NY. As a thermal insulation material.

According to the French media, the reconstruction of Notre Dame de Paris will be an extremely large project. According to the French style of work, ten or twenty years is possible. In short, we will not see it for a long time. Notre Dame de Paris.

The fire destroyed not only a church, but also the Paris dream of several generations. Maybe the world would not have "immortality", as the French often say: C'est la vie (this is life). Therefore, what an aerogel company such as Tradematt Aerogel can do is to make the legacy of these historical heritages exist for a longer period of time.