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Aerogel Material Building Wall Insulation Technology Matures
2018-05-10 18:01:44       From: Tradematt-Aerogel
In the industrial field, power insulation, petrochemical and other industries need to use high-efficiency heat insulation materials in areas where pipe insulation or furnace insulation is required. Nanoporous aerogel composite insulation materials are preferred. In the field of architecture, building wall insulation, roof insulation, and aerogel glass on glass curtain wall applications. In the field of transportation, nanoporous Aerogel Material Building Wall Insulation have been applied to high-speed trains, domestic C919 passenger aircraft, and new energy vehicles. The main application areas are thermal insulation of transportation vehicles and protection of lithium batteries for new energy vehicles. .

The safety of Aerogel Material Building Wall Insulation depends on the substance composition it produces. Some aerogel components contain carcinogens or toxins. At present, aerogels based on silicon have not been found to have carcinogenic or toxic properties. However, silicone aerogels can irritate the eyes, skin, respiratory tract, and digestive system of people, and once touched, can cause dryness of the skin's mucous membranes. Therefore, it is recommended to wear goggles and gloves to avoid injury when holding silicone gel.

With the increase of researchers who have joined this field, aerogel science and technology have developed rapidly. In the early 1980s, particle physicists realized that SiO2 Aerogel Material Building Wall Insulation would be an ideal dielectric material for aerogel Celerkov counter particle discriminators, and a large amount of transparent SiO2 Aerogel Material Building Wall Insulation were needed for the experiment. It is believed that aerogel will have a more long-term development in the near future.

Of course, the thermal effects of aerogels are of great interest, and they are also widely used in this area. When aerogels are injected into a substrate, they can be used for fire resistance, thermal insulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation, and many other functions. There will be great use in the future. Only for the introduction of jade, welcome more colleagues in the industry can actively participate in the discussion in the background, and jointly enlarge and strengthen the aerogel industry. Aerogel, a new type of material with a nanoporous structure, was invented by Kistler.S. in the United States in 1931. It is also called "blue smoke" and "frozen smoke" because it is light blue if the haze is blue. A record of 15 Guinness Records, showing many peculiar properties in the fields of thermals, optics, electricity, mechanics, and acoustics. It is said to be a magical material for changing the world. It was included in one of the 10 most popular science and technology since the 1990s. Military and civilian dual-use technology with great application value.