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Aerogel Composite Products' Advantages in Construction Insulation Industry
2017-12-26 17:01:03       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

 Both insulation and fire is still very thin

Aerogel composite products are very thin, with 240 mm solid clay brick wall 75% of building energy efficiency standards as an example, the use of ordinary insulation materials need 90 mm thickness, and the use of Aerogel composite products only 15 mm thickness, More than 80% thinner than the original. It is estimated that if the exterior of the house is affixed with an Aerogel compound product, the room occupancy rate will increase by about 5% due to its light and space saving under the same floor area.

One may worry that such "thin" materials can be warm?

The biggest feature of this material is excellent thermal insulation properties, because of its thermal conductivity can be as low as 0.006W / m · k. In the cold northern winters, residents need to rely on heavy quilts to warm their homes if they shut down their heating appliances. The house "wear" on this layer made of Aerogel "insulation clothing", even without heating facilities, people can still live comfortably. In other words, this layer of 15mm thick aerospace material produces a thermal insulation equivalent to about 10 pounds of cotton quilt. It is also estimated that applying this material to a 200-liter home-use refrigerator would not only increase the food storage capacity by about 4 to 6 liters, but also save about 1/3 of the energy saved by its good thermal insulation properties.

According to industry experts, under normal circumstances, good insulation material is often not fire, the house in case of fire, will accelerate the spread of fire. However, the Aerogel composite product itself can not be combustible to solve the characteristics of either fire insulation, or insulation does not fire contradiction.

In addition, Aerogel composite products, there are many excellent properties, such as waterproof, noise, seismic and so on. To waterproof, for example, if the house with ordinary rockwool as a thermal insulation material in the case of heavy rainfall, rock wool prone to moldy due to water absorption, thermal failure, or even fall off, and the use of aerospace Aerogel composite products Different. Rain droplets on the Aerogel composite insulation material, like water droplets on the lotus leaf, will only gently slide down, and will not invade the insulation material to go. In this way, we no longer have to worry about houses leaking when heavy rain struck, and the walls in the home never become "big face."

More worth mentioning is that the Aerogel composite product is also an environment-friendly product. Aerogel composite products in the production process without harmful gas emissions, no solid waste, no dust, no noise, no sewage five "zero" emissions, the environment does not produce any pollution.