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Key points for construction of aerogel insulation materials for exterior walls in winter
2018-11-06 09:52:57       From: Tradematt-Aerogel
The weather is getting colder. As the temperature is getting lower and lower, the building exterior wall aerogel insulation project faces greater challenges. The quality of the external aerogel insulation project is directly related to system performance and even the safety of residents. Let's take a look Main points of construction of aerogel insulation materials for exterior walls of winter buildings.

1, Do a good job of quality control. From the review of the design drawings to the determination of the plan, each step should be avoided with a partial and blind reference. Scientific and rational design, at the beginning of the design, must be supported by data provided by geological surveys. In this process, the aerogel insulation materials that can be used in the project are determined by comparison analysis of relevant data. At the beginning of the design, the materials selected should be suitable for the climate, geology and other conditions of the building and its area.

Since each link is complementary, once the quality control is not strict, resulting in loopholes in individual links, it may affect the final construction effect. Only through the whole process of quality monitoring can ensure that the building exterior wall protection material can really protect the construction and reduce unnecessary losses before and after construction.

2, In the winter when the weather is cold, in order to ensure the construction quality, special attention should be paid to the operation according to the seasonal construction plan of the external wall aerogel insulation material. Many projects are not strictly implemented, resulting in construction quality not meeting the requirements, mainly reflected in the following aspects.

(1) Failure to pay attention to the weather forecast at any time, due to temperature changes, insufficient preparation, resulting in problems in concrete pouring maintenance; or blind adjustment of process arrangements, consideration of poor quality, buried quality hazards.
(2) The protection of the finished product is not in place, the aerogel insulation operation does not meet the requirements, and there is not enough cotton felt to cover it. According to the requirements, the cotton felt should be prepared in advance to ensure that the storage temperature is not lower than 5 °C, and all powder materials should be stored in a dry place.
(3) The weather is cold, the concrete water-cement ratio is not properly controlled, and the vibration is uneven, which may result in the quality of the concrete not meeting the requirements. According to the requirements, the water-cement ratio and the rubber-to-ash ratio should be used within the specified range. Do not stir the material too thin, otherwise the solidification time will be lengthened, and it is forbidden to soak the mesh cloth with water to prevent the mesh cloth from being frozen and wiped. Construction should try to select noon construction to reduce the impact of temperature fluctuations.

3, The operation of the construction personnel should be strictly in accordance with the contents of the external aerogel insulation material system. If the construction habits of individual personnel are poor, blind and confident, do not operate according to requirements, do not pay attention to the operation technology of the external wall aerogel insulation material and The relevant details are likely to be a big disaster because of the small loss.

It is a systematic project to do a good job in the construction quality of aspheric aerogel insulation materials. It is necessary to monitor the quality from the source and not let go of any small places where safety hazards and quality problems may occur.