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Application of Aerogel Insulation Materials in China Aerospace
2017-12-18 16:17:04       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

Aerogel  is the lightest solid material known in the world today, with its extremely high specific surface area and very low thermal conductivity. Over the years, China Academy of Aeronautics has been committed to meeting the needs of China's aerospace products for high-performance thermal insulation composite materials developed by the series of products using aerogels temperature range covering -100 ℃ to 2500 ℃, not only solved our country Many types of equipment, the key material issues, but also in the construction, electrical and electronic, petrochemical and other civilian areas have been popularized applications.

In the launch of the Long March 5 in 2016, the high-performance nano-Aerogel  insulation blanket product developed by China provided an effective means of thermal insulation and insulation for the rocket gas pipeline system and provided a powerful guarantee for successful launch. This time, China's Aerogel  insulation material to work its part from the long march on the 5th gas pipeline into the day boat on the 1st low-temperature lockers, once again give full play to the Aerogel material insulation properties.

With the successful launch of the Temple of Heaven 2016 in 2016, our country has fully entered the phase of mission implementation of space laboratories and space stations. Timely cargo replenishment has become an astronaut long-term presence and carry out a series of space science experiments necessary protection, and this commitment to the task of freight supply is the day boat cargo spacecraft. The low-temperature locker on board day boat 1 is used for material preservation. It has extremely strict index requirements for the performance of thermal insulation materials. It must not only be adiabatic but also light and thin, which can not be achieved by traditional thermal insulation materials.

After several rounds of tests and verifications, the Chinese aerospace research and development team "vacuumized" the existing Aerogel  materials. As a result, the "vacuum insulation panels" based on aerogel materials were born, which effectively avoided air convection Heat transfer, making its thermal conductivity than the original a substantial reduction in Aerogel materials, insulation properties increased nearly doubled, at the same time have a good gas barrier and puncture resistance.