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Aerogel industrial insulation material
2018-11-02 14:39:05       From: Tradematt-Aerogel
Aerogel industrial insulation materials reduce heat transfer, reduce the temperature of the surface of the object, improve the utilization of heat energy, save energy and reduce production costs. The material that can play the role of heat insulation on the surface of construction is called aerogel industrial insulation material. The aerogel industry insulation material is a high-performance thermal barrier composite insulation material, and the military high-tech insulation material is converted into civilian. A multi-functional thermal insulation material adopts the latest international technology and integrated aerogel industrial thermal insulation material complete production equipment, which improves the intrinsic quality and stability of various technical indexes of Tradematt-Aerogel aerogel industrial thermal insulation material. Aerogel industrial insulation materials can be widely used in construction, chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, aerospace, transportation, marine equipment, textile, electronics, combat tools and so on.

Aerogel industrial insulation materials to maintain heat to improve thermal energy use energy, reduce heat exchange, increase the thermal resistance of materials, Tradematt-Aerogel according to spacecraft heat transfer mechanism, based on material technology, chemical technology, information technology, bioengineering technology, energy technology , nanotechnology, environmental technology, space technology, computer technology, marine engineering technology, engineering and technology, logistics and other modern high-tech and its industry support, how many years of research and development, successfully developed high temperature ceramic fiber aerogel Thermal insulation felt, glass fiber aerogel insulation felt, carbon fiber aerogel insulation felt. Tradematt-Aerogel These aerogel insulation materials have low thermal conductivity, high heat insulation, high temperature resistance, fire retardant, insulation and pressure resistance, and soundproof and environmentally friendly new epoch-making insulation materials. Tradematt-Aerogel aerogel insulation is used for industrial thermal insulation, which can keep 90% of the heat of the object from being lost, and the energy saving rate can reach more than 95%.

Aerogel insulation material is a new space energy-saving thermal insulation material produced by Tradematt-Aerogel with special process, high-efficiency thin layer, heat insulation, fireproof and anti-corrosion, insulation and wear resistance. The temperature resistance of aerogel insulation material is divided into - 200 ° C, 450 ° C, 650 ° C, 1100 ° C, four, Tradematt-Aerogel insulation can form a three-dimensional network hollow structure connected by closed hollow microspheres on the surface of the object, such nano hollow ceramic beads and microbeads A static air group is formed between the stacks, that is, a thermal insulation unit with a thermal conductivity of 0.016 W/mK, which can effectively prevent heat conduction, and the thermal insulation level reaches A1, which can reflect infrared rays in a large amount and prevent infrared rays from being applied to objects. Heating, can effectively inhibit the radiant heat and heat conduction of the sun and infrared rays, heat insulation inhibition efficiency up to 90%, the best material for high temperature insulation.