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Continuous Automated Production is the Way Out for the Aerogel Industry
2018-07-05 18:19:35       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

 There is a material that is light as smoke, has a blue color under the light, and has a material that can withstand more than 1000 degrees of high temperature to care for delicate flowers. There is a material that can turn the explosive power of 1 kilogram of explosive into invisible. There is a material that can be used. Transformed into a "sponge baby" to absorb the leaked crude oil at sea, there is a material you can wear it to climb the snow-capped mountains and the fire is unscathed, there is a material that has set 15 Guinness records... This magical material is not a nightmare in science fiction, it has Come to our side, it is aerogel.

It is reported that aerogel is an ultra-light solid material with nano-porous structure, the porosity can be as high as 99.8%. Invented by American scientists in 1931, it has many magical properties in the fields of electricity, optics, acoustics, mechanics and heat. One of the top 10 most popular science and technology since the 1990s, it has been listed as a national strategic emerging industry, with dual application technology with great application value.
Aerogel has so many magical features, it is a revolutionary alternative to traditional insulation materials. There are tens of billions of dollars in the market in the future. Now our domestic petrochemical, heat pipe network and other fields have been applied, we are now High-speed rail is also used, and there will be huge application prospects in the fields of clothing, shoes, hats and building energy conservation.

Cost and quality, one must not be less

Price is the biggest obstacle to the application of aerogel industry. Once the production cost of aerogel materials is significantly reduced, the market scale will expand rapidly, product sales will expand rapidly, and revolutionary replacement of traditional insulation materials. At the same time, aerogel materials are prone to dust during use and are a place where customers are eager to improve. Jin Chengli, who regards “improving the customer experience and continuously creating maximum value for customers” as the company's mission, has been working tirelessly to reduce costs and solve dust problems since the day of the company.
By replacing expensive organic silicon raw materials with cheap water glass, replacing expensive supercritical high-pressure equipment with atmospheric equipment, and the new generation of atmospheric drying technology developed by Shenguo Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., the production cost and equipment investment are significantly reduced. It has strong competitiveness and properly solved the problem of aerogel dust, which laid a solid foundation for the company's future development.

The traditional aerogel production technology is indeed difficult to achieve full automation: First, the production needs to use a large number of openable reaction kettles, through the driving of the entire roll of material into and out of the reactor, lifting process Although simple, it is difficult to operate fully automatically; second, the traditional production process does not match the time of each process, and the difference is very large. From a few minutes to ten hours or even several days, it is impossible to work in the assembly line.

Aerogels will be a milestone in the history of aerogel material production if continuous automated production is achieved. Not only the efficiency will increase by 3-5 times, the product quality stability will be improved, the production safety level will be improved, and the labor remission will be reduced. The automatic production line will occupy less space and the traditional kettle body. The equipment is mainly used for the production of coils. The crawler-type automatic production line can be well compatible with the flexible production of various products such as coils, plates, films, powders and granules.