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Tradematt Launches Aerogel Insulation Board for Construction Industry
2018-01-04 16:31:03       From: Tradematt-Aerogel
Tradematt recently introduced the thinnest building insulation board - aerogel insulation board. This aerogel insulation board body material is aerogel. Aerogel first used in aerospace and military fields, is quietly into the civilian market, has been gradually applied to the construction, industrial insulation, cold storage, ships and other fields.
aerogel insulation board

Aerogel insulation board is very thin, with 240 mm solid clay brick wall requires 75% building energy efficiency standards, for example, the use of ordinary insulation material requires 90 mm thickness, and the use of aerogel insulation board only 15 mm Thickness, thinner than the original 80%. It is estimated that if the house's exterior wall "space-class" thermal insulation board, under the same construction area conditions, because of its light and space-saving increase of about 5% of the room rate.

According to reports, aerogel insulation board is characterized by the greatest thermal insulation properties, because of its thermal conductivity can be as low as 0.006W / m • k. In the cold northern winters, residents need to rely on thick quilts to warm their homes if they shut down their heating appliances. The house "wear" on this layer made of aerogel "insulation clothing", even without heating facilities, people can still live comfortably. In other words, this layer of 15mm thick aerospace material produces a thermal insulation equivalent to about 10 pounds of cotton quilt. It is also estimated that applying this material to a 200-liter home-use refrigerator would not only increase the food storage capacity by about 4 to 6 liters, but also save about 1/3 of the energy saved by its good thermal insulation properties.

In addition, aerogel insulation board also has fire, water, noise, seismic and other characteristics of the plate in the production process without harmful gas emissions, no solid waste, no dust, no noise, no sewage, five "zero" No pollution to the environment.