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Comprehensive Understanding of Aerogel Materials Property and Applications
2017-12-19 16:38:06       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

As a new star in nanomaterials industry -  (Aerogel), what exactly is it?

First of all, Aerogel is different from "glue" in our traditional thinking. It is a solid material with a density of 3KG / m³. It is also called "frozen smoke" or "blue smoke" due to its extremely low density. , Won the Guinness Book of Records "the world's lightest solid" title. The earliest in 1931, by S. Kistler using supercritical drying method successfully prepared SiO2 Aerogel. As the Aerogel generally more than 80% of the air, so there is a very good thermal insulation, an inch thick Aerogel equivalent to 20 to 30 pieces of ordinary glass insulation. Even if the aerogel materials is placed between the rose and the flame, the rose will be undamaged. Aerogels also have many uses in space exploration, and are used on the Russian space station "Peace" and on the "Pathfinder" of the United States.
The science of aerogels is introduced here, just remember that they are significantly different from porous materials with pore structures on the order of microns and millimeters, and their slim nanostructures make the material extremely low in thermal conductivity with a very large ratio Surface area. The scattering of light and sound are much smaller than the traditional porous materials. These unique properties not only make the material interesting in basic research, but also have a wide range of applications in many fields.


Aerogel materials described in front of the various characteristics of nanomaterials, then it can actually make what? This article hopes from an objective point of view, combined with domestic and foreign enterprises, research institutes for the development of combing the situation on the application of aerogel products story. About aerogels products, can be divided into two parts to introduce the first part of the products already have the circulation properties of products, the second part is a cutting-edge research with great value.

Aerogel materials at this stage are mainly included

Aerogel particles: its physical properties make the aerogel material itself has outstanding advantages in thermal insulation and sound insulation, water purification, gas adsorption, etc., can replace activated carbon as a consumable.

Nanopore Aerogel composite materials  insulation material: This is only a general term, can be understood as all need efficient constant temperature place can use things, as this material can be solid, it can be liquid. In simple terms, this composite insulation material is when the Aerogel with what kind of substrate for the second compound, which makes the material has a high thermal insulation performance. Industrial applications in the field of construction, Aerogel and glass fiber mat composite processed into an Aerogel insulation blanket, making it double the thermal conductivity of reduced; daily necessities areas, complex with the textile, making the thermal insulation properties of a Stairs. So Aerogel composite  materials applications, Xiaobian more willing to think of it as a functional additive. At present, the application of new Aerogel materials mainly in the field of energy saving and environmental protection.
Future products will be mainly used in the following areas:

Bullet-proof coating: According to the relevant experimental study, a layer of Aerogel with a thickness of about 6 mm is added to the metal sheet, the explosives are directly fried and the metal sheet is also not damaged.
Absorbing coatings: absorbing radar waves to achieve invisible effects
Energy storage device
High-tech laser research

Aerogel materials as the earliest application of new materials in the field of aerospace, there are many magical features, for the future application of space, it is difficult to accurately predict its development prospects, have to rely on the imagination of society and industry, so that nano-new Material out of the laboratory, to achieve its value.
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In the previous section, we mentioned aerogels applied products. Which of these products can be seen in our daily life, or are we going to see? The reason why the material is mysterious is that many materials are obviously there, but we people rarely perceive it.

In the industrial field, energy storage, petrochemical industries and other industries need pipe insulation or furnace insulation parts require efficient insulation materials, nanoporous Aerogel composite insulation material is preferred.

In the construction field, building wall insulation, roof insulation, and Aerogel glass in the glass curtain wall applications.

In the field of transportation, nano-porous Aerogel composite insulation materials have been used in high-speed rail trains, domestic C919 passenger aircraft, and new energy vehicles, the main application point is the thermal insulation of vehicles, as well as new energy vehicles lithium battery protection .

In the field of household insulation and cold chain logistics, nano-pore Aerogel composite replaces traditional materials and serves as a thermal insulation layer, greatly improving the thermal insulation effect and increasing the internal volume.

In the functional equipment, Aerogel jackets and other outdoor products made of Aerogel ultra-thin sandwich have unparalleled warmth and truly lighter, thinner and warmer!

Compared with the traditional insulation materials, the thermal insulation effect of nano-porous Aerogel composite insulation materials is better than traditional insulation materials 3 to 5 times, which means that its energy-saving thermal insulation effect is good; at the same time reduce the thickness of insulation materials and reduce the overall cost; Because the material itself is safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic inorganic materials, A1 non-flammable, taking into account the safety, long life and environment-friendly features.

Currently the most important factor restricting the growth of the Aerogel materials market is the price, too many pricing prohibitive for many of the trial. Once the cost of producing aerogels has dropped significantly, the size of the market will rapidly expand, product sales will rapidly expand, and revolutionary alternatives to traditional insulation materials will be provided.

Aerogel materials industry in the domestic market started relatively late, mainly in the early sales of foreign Aerogel products, marketing efforts are also smaller, in recent years as the domestic Aerogel enterprises are gradually increasing, the strength continues to increase, the cost continues to decline, the scale of continuous Expand, and then benefit from the implementation of energy-saving emission reduction policies and the rapid expansion of the economy, the Aerogel industry has entered a rapid development channel.

Aerogels are used in many fields of application, from aeronautics and spacefighters on the tall to energy-saving building materials for grounding gas. From aerospace suits to winter and warm clothing, the energy-saving and consumption-reducing in the field of industrial construction should be the revolution of the Aerogel materials industry in the next five years The main battlefield.