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How much contribution does aerogel super nano-insulation material contribute to energy saving?
2019-08-06 18:16:15       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

 Aerogel super nano-insulation materials used in building wall insulation can reduce indoor heating by 5 degrees. According to the data of major thermal enterprises in a certain place in 2013, the room temperature is increased by 1 °C, and one heating area per square meter of heating area is required to use 1 kg of coal. If aerogel super nano-insulation material is used for insulation, one heating season, each square meter will be Save 5kg of coal, calculated by 120 square meters per household. In a heating season, each household will save 600kg of coal. According to the resident population of Hebei Province, 71.85 million, with 4 people, a total of about 18 million, a heating season in Hebei Province. It will save about 10.8 million tons of coal, reduce 28.24 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, 92,000 tons of sulfur dioxide and 79,900 tons of nitrogen oxides. This is just a data of a heating season in Hebei Province, plus other provinces and summer cooling, which is a huge number of amazing numbers.

1. Excellent heat insulation effect
The aerogel super nano-insulation material has a thermal conductivity at room temperature of 0.015 W/(m·K) or less. The heat insulation effect is 2-5 times that of the traditional heat insulation material, and the service life is 20 years according to the experiment. Almost the same life as the building.
2, reduce the thickness of the insulation layer
Aerogel super nano-insulation materials are usually used in a thickness of about 10 mm. The thickness is only a fraction of the thickness of the traditional material, achieving the same insulation effect. After heat preservation, the heat loss is small and the space utilization rate is high.
3, water repellency and fire resistance
The aerogel super nano-insulation material adopts the advanced technology of overall hydrophobicity, and the water-repellent rate is above 99.8. Excellent water-repellent properties prevent moisture from entering the pipes and equipment. At the same time, it has the fireproof performance of building A1 grade, and because of the unique three-dimensional network structure of aerogel, it avoids the phenomenon that the heat preservation effect such as sintering deformation and settlement is obviously decreased in long-term high temperature use.
4, convenient construction
The aerogel super nano-insulation material has low density and light weight; the texture is soft, easy to cut and sew to adapt to various shapes of pipes and equipment insulation, and the installation time and manpower are less.
5, save transportation costs
The smaller package size and lighter weight can greatly reduce the transportation cost of the insulation material.