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Aerogel New Materials Development Need at Least Four Major Policies in China
2017-12-27 16:18:40       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

With the guidance of many departments such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the specific guidance of local government departments, Aerogel-related enterprises, institutions of higher learning and research institutes actively cooperate to set up trade associations and promote the engineering application of industrial transformation of aerogel materials technology and high energy consumption . Specific policies have the following 4 points:

1. Set up a "political - production - research - use" linkage platform. Government departments, production units, research and development institutions, application units form a consortium for the transformation of new materials and technological achievements, and systematically promote R & D and market application of industrialization of new materials for aerogels. Government departments such as industry syndication and syndicate planning strategic emerging industries, special funds, venture capital funds, to support the industrialization of aerogels new materials technology, engineering application technology, standards, methods of in-depth research and innovation and maintain international competitiveness, promote high-tech Achievements.

2. Introduced government support policies to promote the production of Aerogel new materials and engineering applications. Aerogel industry is still in the market cultivation period, the product price is slightly more expensive than the average ordinary insulation materials, high energy consumption for the high temperature steam pipe network (power plants, coal chemical industry, etc.) one-time investment. The government gives clear policy support, requirements and incentives in taxation, finance, finance, promotion of new technologies, energy conservation and emission reduction. The government set up a certain amount of special support funds for Aerogel manufacturers to provide some government subsidies for the use of Aerogel insulation materials provide policy subsidies.

3. Promote energy-saving engineering, cultivate Aerogel new material industry. Government departments take the lead in promoting energy-saving retrofit projects in the field of heat pipelines with high energy consumption, replacing the traditional thermal insulation materials with Aerogel insulation materials, reducing energy consumption and improving the comprehensive utilization of resources, meanwhile, through energy- Let the new Aerogel materials, high-tech materials and technologies into the community, and gradually promote the upgrading of insulation materials industry.

4. Cultivate and support leading enterprises in the industry and move towards international competition. Energy saving and emission reduction are the challenges facing the world today. Aerogel new materials are a revolutionary solution to saving energy in the industrial field. The government should focus on the global and systematic regulation of the Aerogel industry and its layout, and guide and support leading enterprises in the Aerogel industry to participate in global competition.

It can be said that the widespread application of new Aerogel materials will not only help to promote energy saving and emission reduction, create a safe and comfortable living environment for the people, but also prevent fires from happening and fundamentally eliminate huge potential safety hazards during the urban development. This building materials industry supply-side reform and leading the industrialization of new materials development of great significance.