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What Are the Advantages of Aerogel Pipeline Insulation Materials for District Heat Supply Network?
2017-12-28 15:41:15       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

 As a thermal insulation material, the fine structure of the nanostructured silicon aerogels effectively limits the propagation of localized thermal excitation with a solid state thermal conductivity 2-3 orders of magnitude lower than the corresponding glassy material. Nanopores inhibit the contribution of gas molecules to heat conduction. Silicon Aerogel Pipeline Insulation Materials refractive index close to l, and the infrared and visible light annihilation coefficient ratio of 100 or more, can effectively penetrate the sun, and prevent the ambient temperature infrared heat radiation, as an ideal transparent thermal insulation material , Has been applied in solar energy utilization and building energy saving. By means of doping, the radiative heat conduction of the silicone Aerogel Pipeline Insulation Materials can be further reduced. The thermal conductivity of the carbon Aerogel Pipeline Insulation Materials can be as low as 0.013w / m · K at normal temperature and pressure, which is the lowest solid state material , Is expected to replace polyurethane foam to become a new type of refrigerator insulation. The incorporation of titanium dioxide can make silicon aerogels a new type of high temperature thermal insulation materials. The thermal conductivity at 800K is only 0.03w / m · K, which will be further developed as a new material for military products.


Aerogel Pipeline Insulation Materials

The advantages of Aerogel Pipeline Insulation Materials for District Heat Supply Network :

       1, Stability: Aerogel Pipeline Insulation Materials extraordinary waterproof and compressive capacity of its thermal insulation performance after installation within 12 years almost no attenuation.
       2, Save energy: Aerogel Pipeline Insulation Materials excellent insulation properties reduce all kinds of energy consumption, according to statistics, the annual savings of more than 20%.
       3, Thermal protection: Aerogel Pipeline Insulation Materials for a variety of equipment to provide the best thermal protection and reduce the total weight.
       4, Fire protection: Aerogel Pipeline Insulation Materials with a smaller number, lighter weight and lower cost for a variety of combinations and steel structures to provide perfect fire protection.
       5, Easy to cut: the scene is very easy to cut the material to heat a limited area / outlet and so on.
       6, Excellent water resistance: Aerogel Pipeline Insulation Materials has outstanding water resistance, by preventing the penetration of liquid water, but also to allow water vapor through, can be used to a maximum limit for underground humid environment.