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Tradematt Aerogel - Super Sound-absorbing Material
2018-01-03 17:32:03       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

It is also an ideal acoustic delay or high-temperature sound-proofing material due to the low sound velocity properties of silica aerogel. The variable range of acoustic impedance of this material (103-107 kg / m2 · s) is an ideal acoustic impedance coupling material of ultrasonic detector. For example, the commonly used acoustic impedance Zp = 1.5 × l07 kg / m2 · s Of the piezoelectric ceramic as the ultrasonic generator and detector, and the air resistance is only 400 kg / m2 · s. Silica aerogel with a thickness of 1/4 wavelength is used as the acoustic resistance coupling material between the piezoelectric ceramic and the air. Can improve the transmission efficiency of sound wave, reduce the signal to noise ratio in the device application. The experimental results show that silica aerogels with a density of about 30 kg / m3 can increase the sound intensity by 30 dB as a coupling material. If a silica aerogel with a density gradient is used, a higher gain of sound intensity is expected.

Tradematt aerogel sound-absorbing material properties

1, High-tech, new aerogel material, good sound absorption, stable acoustic performance, pollution-free, light weight, beautiful, fireproof, thermal insulation, not afraid of water, physical properties, easy processing, The form of sound absorber, muffler, sound insulation structure, sound barrier, muffler room, sound insulation cover, can directly face the noise source, does not require any protective panels and other sound-absorbing filler.

 2, With excellent acoustic performance: the average sound absorption coefficient ≥ 0.80 (125-4000Hz frequency range); at the same time with the board after spraying water and sound-absorbing performance does not change the excellent acoustic performance.
3, Aerogel sound-absorbing material, is a high-purity silicon dioxide material, is the closest natural material, is currently the only non-environmental pollution caused by the new green high-tech products.

4, Aerogel sound-absorbing material is currently the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Housing and Urban recommended the best building materials.
5, Aerogel sound-absorbing material is non-flammable fire retardant, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, stand the wind, rain, sun, is a non-combustible products.
6, With good electromagnetic shielding performance.
7, Aerogel sound-absorbing material can be sawed, can be any bonding, riveting, plug, easy to install.
8, Aerogel sound-absorbing material can be made into various forms of sound-absorbing material, but also combined into various forms of sound absorption, sound insulation body.

Tradematt aerogel sound-absorbing materials

 Tradematt produces aerogels for use in concert halls, theaters, recording studios, studios, dance halls, stadiums, metro stations, terminals, waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, shopping malls, showrooms, office halls, Room and other places play a role in controlling the sound reverberation time.

Especially suitable for clean workshop, food production workshop, pharmaceutical factory, precision instrument manufacturing workshop, laboratory, ward, operating room, restaurant canteen, ship cabin, auxiliary cabin, cabin and other places Air conditioning, ventilation play a noise reduction effect.

In urban light rail, elevated roads, traffic roads, highways, railways, overpasses, cooling towers, open-air high voltage substations, concrete mixing fields and other places play a role of sound-absorbing sound insulation barrier.

In diesel engines, generators, motors, internal combustion engines, freezers, air compressors, airplanes, trains, cars, ships, boilers, forging hammer equipment, fans and other equipment, for sound absorption, noise, muffler.