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Main Purpose and Physical Properties of Aerogel Thermal Isolation Blanket
2018-01-04 16:40:02       From: Tradematt-Aerogel
Aerogel Thermal Isolation Blanket is the silica airgel as the main material, and composite reinforced fiber, such as glass fiber, pre-oxidized fiber, through a special process of synthetic flexible insulation material. Aerogel Thermal Isolation Blanket are soft, easy to cut, low density, inorganic fire, the overall hydrophobic, green and other features.
aerogel thermal isolation blanket

Aerogel Thermal Isolation Blanket are mainly used in industrial pipes, storage tanks, industrial furnaces, power plants, life-saving tanks, warship bulkheads, motor vehicles, buried pipelines, injection molding machines, detachable insulation sleeves, high temperature steam pipes for heavy oil production, Transport, household appliances, steel, non-ferrous metals, glass and other areas of thermal insulation.

Aerogel Thermal Isolation Blanket Physical Properties
       1, Aerogel Thermal Isolation Blanket Packing: Roll;

       2, Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 10mm,

       3, Width: 1200mm;

       4, Aerogel Thermal Isolation Blanket Density: 180 ~ 220kg / m³;

       5, Aerogel Thermal Isolation Blanket Applicable temperature: -200 ℃ - + 1200 ℃ (related to the model);

       6, hydrophobic: absolutely hydrophobic (350 ℃ below);

       7, Aerogel Thermal Isolation Blanket Thermal Conductivity: 0.012 - 0.018w / m · k (at 25 ℃).