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Application of aerogel insulation blanket in the field of ultra-low temperature
2018-10-29 15:36:58       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

 Application of aerogel insulation blanket in the field of ultra-low temperature

Low temperature control technology is one of the core technologies of nuclear power safety in China. In recent years, China has made major breakthroughs in this field, and domestic refrigeration and temperature control equipment have been put into use.

 Tianzhou No.1, which is running above nine days, is China’s first cargo ship. From the performance since its launch in April this year, Tianzhou No.1 is perfect, not only successfully verified the "space refueling" technology, but also carried out various experiments as planned, laying a solid foundation for China to build a long-term manned space station. basis. The perfect performance of Tianzhou No.1 is inseparable from China's advanced temperature control technology.

As a cargo spaceship, Tianzhou No. 1 is undoubtedly the work of Tiandi Logistics. As a special “transporter” for logistics and transportation, some of the goods carried by Tianzhou No. 1 have special requirements for the storage environment, such as cryopreservation. However, in the squat space 400 kilometers away from the Earth, the commonly used refrigerator compressor refrigeration method can not work in the microgravity environment. Therefore, Tianzhou No. 1 must take a different path and carry a special "space refrigerator." Faced with scientific research problems, Chinese scientists set up a special research team to overcome the difficulties of low-power design, thermal insulation design, structural optimization weight reduction design, anti-mechanical environment design, space environment adaptive design, high reliability design, etc. The cooling method has greatly reduced the performance of this type of product to 0 degrees Celsius to -20 degrees Celsius, and finally became a "space refrigerator."

Special materials are an important basis for temperature control. Over the years, Chinese scientists have developed a material called an aerogel insulation blanket. This material is one of the lightest solid materials known in the world, with an extremely high specific surface area and an extremely low thermal conductivity. In the first launch of the 2016 Long March 5, the insulating felt made of high-performance nano-aerogel insulation blanket material provided an effective thermal insulation method for the rocket gas pipeline system, which provided a strong guarantee for successful launch. .

China is in the forefront of nuclear power technology. Especially since 2015, China's three-generation nuclear power technology represented by Hualong-1, AP1000 and CAP1400 has led China's nuclear power scale development into a new stage. However, for a long time, as one of the key technologies of nuclear power safety, low temperature control technology and equipment have been monopolized by foreign brands. In August 2016, China's nuclear power refrigeration technology and equipment ushered in a major turning point. The millions of kilowatt-class nuclear power equipment independently developed by the well-known electrical equipment manufacturer Gree Electric passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal. Experts unanimously believe that the overall technology of a million kilowatt nuclear power air-cooled screw chiller has reached the "international advanced" level, in which the refrigeration technology is at the "international leading" level under the ambient temperature of -40 degrees Celsius; the kilowatt-scale nuclear power water-cooled centrifugal The overall technology of the chiller (frequency conversion) has reached the "international advanced" level, in which the permanent magnet motor frequency conversion technology is at the "international leading" level. This indicates that Gree has become the first company in the world to fully meet the needs of the planned CAP1000/CAP1400 three-generation nuclear power plant chillers, which has cleared the way for the future development of nuclear power equipment localization and central air-conditioning large-scale units.

In the winter and summer, the human being has been trying to control the temperature in the process of adapting to climatic conditions since ancient times, and to change the production and living conditions. After long-term efforts, Chinese science and technology workers have gradually explored and mastered a set of methods for heating and cooling, and developed various temperature control equipment to provide more solutions for understanding and transforming nature.