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Thermal Isulation and Soundproof - Aerogel Wall Insulation Materials Beyond Imagination
2017-12-22 17:11:38       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

Thermal Isulation and Soundproof - Aerogel Wall Insulation Materials Beyond Imagination

The Tradematt union institute has developed a new material that achieves greater results than the insulation and soundproofing materials currently on the market.

Thermal Isulation and Soundproof are not uncommon in the market, and Tradematt researchers have developed new aerogel wall insulation materials that outperform existing products.
aerogel wall insulation materials

The main component is the aerogel - aerogel is a silicon-based lightweight material, the aerogel wall insulation materials contains 99% of the air due to the presence of a large number of micropores. Aerogel is not considered as an insulating material before because it is very fragile. However, with the addition of some additives, the aerogel wall insulation materials not only gained strength but also gained some special properties. Among them is the addition of carbon nanotubes, which not only change the structure of the aerogel but also make the aerogel wall insulation materials has a high drainage, making it less than 10% of water absorption.

The material is 2.6 times more insulating than traditional insulating materials and has a 30% higher sound insulation than traditional materials (50% for traditional materials and 80% for newer aerogels). Aerogel wall insulation materials also has a thinner advantage even for newer materials with good insulation.

To reduce truck noise to a level that does not interfere with people's chatting, we need a 25mm thick acoustic foam, but with a new aerogels we only need 15mm thick.

In the experiment, Tradematt researchers placed the aerogel wall insulation materials under a torch at 2000 degrees Celsius for a few minutes, keeping the temperature of the backside at about 25 degrees Celsius. There is no doubt that the traditional insulation or sound insulation materials certainly can not achieve such an effect. It is also an environmentally friendly material that does not require heat treatment and does not use any hazardous materials. Its production requires only water and does not generate any gas.

Tradematt has been working on the development of this aerogel wall insulation materials for four years and has achieved industrial production.