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2018 Cold Expo: Aerospace Aerogel to Create Super Insulation Boots
2018-01-11 14:38:18       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

January 5, "Innovation Driven, Win-Win Cooperation, Promoting the Economic Development in Cold Region" as the theme of the 2018 Harbin Cold Land Expo and China (Harbin) First Aerospace 3D Printing Materials and Application Preparation Technology Expo (referred to as the Cold Expo Cum 3D Printing Expo) opened in Harbin Convention and Exhibition Center.

aerogel insulation

At the show, a super insulation boots made of aerospace aerogel material attracted the audience's attention.

Nano aerospace aerogel materials are recognized as the world's best thermal insulation solid-state environmental protection materials, aerospace materials from Aerospace Science and Industry in the Long March V rocket gas pipeline, the spacecraft day boat spacecraft cryogenic locker access Recently, the China Academy of Aerospace Science and Industry 306 has also successfully developed for the footwear and apparel products, advanced thermal insulation fabric - aerospace aerogel insulation fabric, which introduced this super cold with comfort and comfort aerogel insulation boots products.

According to Liu Bin, a product engineer for aerospace aerogel insulation boots, the aerospace aerogel insulation boots have a layer of aerospace aerogel material with a thickness of only 1 mm as a thermal insulation material, giving full play to the unparalleled thermal performance of "space-grade" Make people feel comfortable in the cold weather of minus ten degrees.

It is reported that joda is leading designer and supplier of high-quality industrial aerogel insulation materials, for industries ranging from industrial furnace, mining rescue capsule, metallurgical industry, steel plant, oil and gas pipelines, building, high-speed rail insulation in others for global markets. We provide comprehensive "Aerogel Insulation Solutions" for customers.