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Aerogel insulation materials upgrade power battery safety
2019-05-31 17:37:01       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

 As the power battery route develops toward high nickel, battery companies are looking for a safer and more reliable battery thermal management solution while seeking higher energy density. How to effectively prevent the thermal runaway of the power battery becomes a guaranteed power battery. The key to safety.

To solve the thermal runaway of the power battery, it is not enough to start from the battery link. The PACK link is also crucial. Advanced thermal management materials can effectively coordinate the thermal management of the battery pack and reduce the temperature of the battery during high-current charging and discharging, thereby improving the safety of the entire power battery system.

Aerogel insulation material to help drive battery safety upgrade

The aerogel insulation material simplifies and improves the heat dissipation structure of the power battery, effectively coping with thermal runaway and improving safety, and can also assist large-scale automated production of the power battery.

It is understood that the application of aerogel insulation material in the stator structure of the drive battery can effectively reduce the operating temperature of the battery, reduce the risk of demagnetization caused by overheating of the permanent magnet material, greatly improve the battery performance, and prolong the battery use. life. In addition, in the charging module and the electronic control unit, the aerogel insulation material can also effectively reduce the working temperature, thereby avoiding the efficiency of the electrical and electronic components due to overheating.