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Where Can Aerogel Insulation Materials be Used in Buildings?
2018-01-25 15:18:08       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

 Application of Aerogel Insulation Materials in Construction

Exterior walls and roof insulation:
With the continuous improvement of energy conservation and emission reduction requirements of the state, the State Ministry of housing construction of the thermal insulation properties have a clear and stringent requirements, developers in order to achieve such a requirement, must be added to the outer wall of the house thick insulating layer, At present, China's construction industry selection of thermal insulation materials, can be described as a wide variety, application methods can be described as a tricks. But all options have a congenital defect, can not solve every problem perfectly. The aerogels insulation material has an ultralow thermal conductivity, A-class fire performance, strong hydrophobic properties can be a perfect solution to all aspects of building insulation, while making the building wall so significantly thinning, housing a substantial net space Increase, smaller footprint.
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Insulation of the interior wall:
Due to its excellent properties, nano-porous silica aerogel insulation material can also be used for thermal insulation in interior walls of buildings. Compared with traditional insulation materials, the thermal insulation effect is more obvious, moisture resistance is better, and sound insulation effect is obvious. Because of its good fire performance make living more secure

Passive fire prevention:
Nanoporous silica aerogel materials can also be used for passive fire prevention in buildings: such as fire blocking, fire doors and windows, fire cut off. In the fire insulation at the same time, good air permeability of aerogel insulation makes escapeors and rescue workers more easily survived.

Construction Glass:
The nano-porous aerogel as the main material made of high transparent aerogel glass, with good insulation, fire, hydrophobic, corrosion resistance. The selective transmission of visible light, so that the temperature difference between both sides of the glass, both to ensure transparency and thermal insulation energy saving effect. And this glass density, light weight, acid, processing and installation is simple. In the construction field can be used for the production of glass curtain wall and doors and windows.