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Building materials - aerogel insulation
2019-03-18 16:25:46       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

 Building materials - aerogel insulation

An aerogel carbon sponge placed on cherry blossoms, which is lighter than helium but absorbs 250-900 times its own weight.
If Michelangelo's famous marble statue David is made of aerogel, it will only be 4 pounds (2 kg)! Aerogel is one of the lowest density substances on the earth and is a foamy solid material, although it is almost as light as air to ensure a fixed shape. Some aerogels are only three times as dense as air, but usually aerogels are 15 times as heavy as air.

You might think that the gel is a wet substance like hair gel. In fact, aerogels are made by excluding liquids in the gel. Except for 99% to 90% of the air, all that remains is the silica structure. Aerogels have almost no weight, but can be elongated into sheet aerogel fabrics. In the construction project, the aerogel fabric has the characteristics of “super heat insulation”. Its porous structure makes it difficult to pass heat. Tests have shown that aerogel fabrics are two to four times more insulating than conventional fiberglass or foam insulation. Once the price is moderate, it can be widely used in construction.