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Thermal insulation properties of cold storage aerogel insulation materials
2018-12-12 17:10:04       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

Thermal insulation properties of cold storage aerogel insulation materials

The first requirement of cold storage insulation materials is that the thermal conductivity is relatively low, and the thermal insulation performance cannot be observed with the naked eye before being put into use. It is too late to observe the difference in power consumption. Tradematt Aerogel has obtained the following conclusions through a large number of experimental tests:
1 Use silica aerogel insulation material to reduce thermal conductivity and improve insulation effect;
2 aerogel insulation material also has superior water repellency, this performance can greatly reduce the erosion of moisture on the cold storage material, resulting in changes in insulation properties;
3 The main material silica aerogel: the thermal insulation performance is obviously better than the traditional ordinary thermal insulation material, and the thickness is about 1/6 of the traditional material;
4 silica aerogel is odorless and non-toxic insulation material, environmentally friendly, and will not cause any harm to the construction personnel. The only potential hazard is the drop of aerogel dust, which needs to be worn during the construction process;
5 aerogel insulation material combined with traditional insulation materials. Although the performance of aerogel insulation materials is very good, but the price is very high, the combination of traditional insulation materials has received quite good results. Compared with the multiple cold storages of Tradematt Aerogel customers, the cold storage using aerogel insulation materials is obviously better than Cold storage using traditional insulation materials consumes less power.