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The effect of fireproof and thermal insulation materials on improving building safety
2019-01-07 15:20:33       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

 New fireproof insulation material Aerogel A grade fire insulation board can be applied to the external wall insulation system, effectively reducing energy consumption and fully meeting the national 75 energy saving application standards. Its basic principle is: using Aerogel's complete fire performance, and using composite technology to make aerogel

 Perfectly combined with fiberglass insulation felt. In the case of a flame, a heat-breaking continuous honeycomb structure is blocked, which blocks the propagation and penetration of the flame and prevents the occurrence of combustion. Aerogel A-class fireproof insulation board can be combined with the actual construction conditions according to the design characteristics and functional requirements of the project, and it has strong operability.
The basic construction points of the Aerogel Class A fire insulation board are:
1. Use the point frame method to lay the glue. The thickness of the cloth is 8~10 mm, and the bonding area is not less than 60.2 of the area of ​​the insulation board. The sticking board is installed for 24 hours.
2. The number of fixtures installed is not less than 6 / square meter.
3. The surface mortar must have waterproof function and flexibility, and the thickness of the surface layer reaches 5 mm.
Aerogel A-class fire insulation panels are not only cost-effective, but also have obvious advantages:

1. Light weight: It uses Aerogel as insulation layer, plus adhesive, glass mesh reinforcement and finishing paint. Its weight is only 2~3 kg/m2. This weight is negligible for the wall. This is especially beneficial for energy-saving retrofits of existing buildings.
2. Increase the effective use area: Compared with the sandwich wall or other wall, it has an increase in the construction of the sandwich wall because it hardly occupies the building area and the wall is greatly thinned.
3. No heat bridge: Aerogel Class A fire insulation board can wrap any exposed wall of the building, can be made almost without heat bridge, is unmatched by any other structure.
4. Simple construction and mature system: The construction technology and the polystyrene board system are the same. The mature application in China for more than ten years has been applied in foreign countries for 7-8 years, saving costs and not adding additional construction links.
 6. Convenient maintenance: The existing Aerogel insulation layer can be repaired with a simple tool, which has no effect on the service life and efficiency of the board.