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Floor heating insulation material selection skills
2019-02-15 17:32:45       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

 Floor heating insulation material selection skills

 Floor heating has been well received by many users for its comfort and health. In fact, many users do not understand it. Among them, the floor heating board plays a big role. However, how should the floor heating board be selected during the specific purchase process?
 Choice of floor heating insulation board - good flame retardancy and environmental protection
To ensure the service life of floor heating and reduce the maintenance rate of floor heating, the insulation board should have good flame retardant performance and environmental protection.

The floor heating insulation board should be in contact with the floor heating pipe, and the temperature of the heat medium will reach 45-60 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the development of a composite material with good thermal insulation function and flame retardancy will be the development direction.

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Selection of floor heating insulation board - good thermal insulation performance
Insulation board with good insulation effect can prevent heat from being transmitted to the floor and dissipated to neighbors, ensuring that heat is transmitted to the room in a single direction. The index that reflects the thermal conductivity of a material is the thermal conductivity. The factors that affect the thermal conductivity of the material are material, porosity, open state, humidity, and ambient temperature. Different types of floor heating insulation boards have different thermal conductivity; different performance insulation materials meet the design thermal resistance requirements, and the thickness of the insulation layer is also different; the same material, different bulk density, and thermal conductivity are also different. The higher the porosity of the floor heating insulation board and the more closed pores, the lower the thermal conductivity and the better the thermal insulation performance. The different water content and thermal conductivity are also different.

Selection of floor heating insulation board - high resistance to deformation under pressure
The floor heating insulation board is to withstand the pressure of the heating pipe, the concrete filling layer and the active load on the floor and the floor. Therefore, if the insulation board does not have sufficient carrying capacity, it will be deformed due to uneven pressure, resulting in the concrete filling layer and the floor. Cracks, or the situation that the heating pipe is not deformed at a higher temperature and the service life is reduced. Since the pressure resistance of the foamed cement is high, foamed cement is recommended for large-area construction.
 The high-quality floor heating insulation board can not only ensure the use of floor heating, but also make the floor heating more energy-saving and prolong the service life of the floor heating. Of course, the performance of floor heating materials depends to a large extent on the installation and application of floor heating. Some floor heating companies have lower installation prices, and the floor heating board has selected some inferior materials, which makes the floor heating effect not good or even impossible to use.

Aerogel insulation blanket features:
Green, energy efficient, high compressive strength, low water absorption.