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What are the characteristics of heating pipe insulation materials?
2019-04-25 10:28:31       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

Generally, the heating pipes are equipped with insulation materials. The purpose of the insulation is to reduce the heat transfer from the pipes conveying the heat medium and cause heat loss. The pipe insulation materials can save heat and reduce the operating cost of the system, so in the indoor heating system, generally Take the heating pipe insulation material.

1 Reduce project cost.
The use of aerogel insulation blankets for pipeline insulation can reduce the engineering cost by 25% and 10%.

2 Low heat loss and energy saving.
The thermal conductivity of the aerogel insulation blanket is much lower than that of other commonly used pipe insulation materials, and the insulation effect is improved by 6 to 10 times. And the hydrophobic rate of the aerogel insulation blanket can reach 99.9%. Low thermal conductivity and high water-repellent rate, combined with high-density polyethylene or FRP protective casing with good insulation and outer waterproofing, greatly reduce the overall heat loss of the heating pipe. The heat loss of the heating network is 2%, less than international. 10% of the standard requirements.

3 Anti-corrosion, good insulation performance and long service life.
 Pipe insulation Because the aerogel insulation blanket is tightly bonded to the outer skin of the steel pipe, it insulates the infiltration of air and water, and can play a good anti-corrosion effect.

4 Small land occupation, fast construction and environmental protection.
The prefabricated aerogel insulation blanket heating pipe does not need to build a huge trench, and only needs to bury the insulation pipe underground, thus greatly reducing the project land occupation. At the same time, the aerogel insulation blanket insulation tube processing and on-site trenching are carried out in parallel, and only the on-site joints can shorten the construction period by more than 50%.

5 Security.

The heating pipe using the aerogel insulation blanket is safe because the insulation material has A1 fire resistance.