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The choice of insulation materials for container mobile homes?
2019-04-23 11:00:57       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

 In the container mobile home, most of the choice of insulation materials will choose aerogel insulation board, but why choose aerogel insulation felt?

The aerogel insulation felt has the following characteristics:
First of all, low thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity is an important indicator for measuring the performance of the aerogel insulation felt of the movable room material, and the thermal conductivity is small. Since the outer layer of the container movable room is made of metal, the metal has good thermal conductivity, so the temperature in the movable room is not much different from the outdoor temperature. However, the thermal conductivity of the aerogel insulation blanket is less than 0.016 (W/m.K), preventing the temperature of the mobile home from being too high or too low.

Second, the sound absorption coefficient. The aerogel insulation felt has a good sound absorption effect, and the base material of the aerogel insulation felt is a needle-punched blanket, and the aerogel itself is a substance having a porosity of more than 90%, which can be well soundproofed.

Third, the aerogel insulation felt has a water-repellent rate of 99.9%. It can be said that it is completely waterproof. The hydrophobic property is very important for the thermal insulation material. The thermal insulation material after water absorption will greatly reduce the thermal insulation effect because the water has a high thermal conductivity. Therefore, it is recommended that container mobile home customers choose aerogel insulation felt as insulation material.