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The World's Lightest Solid: Aerogel Insulation, How to Save Energy and Environmental Protection?
2018-08-01 15:42:08       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

The world's lightest solid: aerogel insulation, how to promote energy saving and environmental protection?

Advantages of aerogel materials:

1. Reduce the total cost of the project: the aerogel insulation performance is good, and the heat loss is only 25% of the traditional pipe. The long-term operation can save a lot of energy and significantly reduce the energy cost.
2, has a strong waterproof and corrosion resistance: no need to attach pipe trenches, can be directly buried in the ground or water, construction is simple and rapid, the overall cost is low. It also has good corrosion resistance and impact resistance under low temperature conditions and can be directly buried in underground frozen soil.

3, the service life can reach 20 years: the correct installation and use can make the maintenance cost of the pipe network extremely low.

4. Low heat loss and energy saving: its thermal conductivity is 0.018W/m·k, which is much lower than other commonly used pipe insulation materials, and the thermal insulation effect is improved by 3~8 times. The low thermal conductivity and low water absorption rate change the condition of “wet cotton tampon” in the traditional trench laying heating pipeline, which greatly reduces the overall heat loss of the heating pipeline. The heat loss of the heat grid is 2%, which is less than the international standard requirement of 10%. .

5, small footprint, fast construction, environmental protection: aerogel high temperature thin, so greatly reduce the project footprint, reduce the amount of earth excavation about 50%, reduce civil construction and concrete volume 90%. At the same time, the insulation pipe processing and the on-site trenching are carried out in parallel, and only the on-site joints can shorten the construction period by more than 50%.

Aerospace military

At 20::43 on November 3, 2016, China’s new generation of large-capacity carrier rocket Long March 5 successfully made its first flight at the Hainan Wenchang Satellite Launch Center! Among them, the high-performance nano aerogel insulation felt product provides an effective thermal insulation method for the rocket gas pipeline system, which provides a strong guarantee for this successful launch! The interlayer in the spacesuit is also insulated with aerogel to protect the astronauts.

Aerogel insulation can be used as a thermal insulation material for aircraft cabins. It can be used as a high-efficiency insulation material for nuclear submarines, steam-powered guided missile destroyers, evaporators, boilers and complex high-temperature steam piping systems. It can enhance the heat insulation effect, reduce the cabin temperature, and effectively reduce the amount of insulation materials. The use of space in the large cabin effectively improves various working environments. Aerogel insulation materials can achieve better insulation with lighter weight and smaller volume, which has great advantages in aviation and aerospace applications.


The aerogel insulation felt is mainly used for the heat preservation of the heavy oil high temperature steam injection pipeline and the medium pipeline of the refining and chemical equipment, and the medium temperature is between 200 ° C and 600 ° C. The thin aerogel product can effectively reduce the amount of the outer insulation layer, and has excellent water repellency, the water repellency rate is 99.6% and the pH value is neutral, which will not corrode the heat preservation pipe, thereby prolonging the service life of the construction object, and Reduce post-maintenance costs.

The same thermal insulation effect, the use of aerogel insulation felt can effectively reduce the volume of the construction object, thereby significantly increasing the drainage rate of the pipeline. Today's industrial heating pipelines have temperatures ranging from tens of degrees to 600 degrees. The most commonly used traditional insulation materials are aluminum silicate, glass wool, rock wool and the like. However, due to the serious water absorption of these materials, the insulation layer will sink after water absorption, resulting in a decrease in the heat preservation effect. And rock wool is polluted by the environment. After use, it can not be used as a solid waste for landfill treatment. It must undergo special treatment process, so rock wool insulation has been slowly abandoned by people.

Power storage

In the process of energy conversion in thermal power plants, Zhongning Technology Aerogel Insulation Materials can effectively reduce heat energy loss, save heat energy, improve heat source utilization efficiency, and ensure economic operation of the unit. The choice of insulation materials should first follow the principle of safety, non-toxicity, good stability, no radioactivity, and reusability. Secondly, we should pay close attention to the development trend of insulation materials and the improvement of on-site construction methods to make the design firepower more reasonable and efficient. Thermal insulation settings for power plants.

LNG deep cooling insulation

 In order to improve the safety and efficiency of LNG transportation, it is necessary to study its cold insulation material, and aerogel will be its most suitable thermal insulation material. As the world's best thermal insulation performance, aerogel has low thermal conductivity, good fire and water repellency, fire rating A1, water repellency greater than or equal to 99%; unique nano-three-dimensional network structure provides excellent High temperature stability, avoiding the accumulation of deformation of traditional materials due to vibration, resulting in a sharp decline in thermal insulation performance; at the same time, the product consists of inorganic materials, does not contain harmful substances and has a neutral pH, no corrosion to the construction object; The excellent properties of traditional materials will make it the material of choice for future insulation and cold preservation.

Urban heat network pipeline

Heating pipe insulation is one of the effective measures for energy saving and emission reduction. In the urban central heating in China, hot water and steam generated by heat sources are transported to various heat users through pipes to form a heat network. In the process of heating the heat pipe from the heat source to the heat system of each user, since the temperature of the heat medium in the pipe is higher than the ambient temperature, there is a certain heat loss along the heating pipe. Therefore, the heat preservation work guarantees the heating quality. Energy conservation and emission reduction have great significance. The aerogel direct buried insulation pipe is suitable for conveying insulation and cold preservation projects of various media in the range of -250 °C - 750 °C. It is widely used in urban heat supply, warm rooms, cold storage, coal mines, oil pipeline ports, chemical, natural gas pipelines, direct power burial, central air-conditioning pipeline insulation, cable Threading pipes, steam insulation pipes and other industries.
The purpose of heat pipe insulation is to reduce the heat loss of the heat medium during transportation, save energy, and improve the economic and safety of the system operation. The role of the insulation layer is to reduce energy loss, save energy, improve economic efficiency, ensure the operating parameters of the medium, and meet the requirements of the user's production and life. For the insulation layer of the high-temperature medium pipeline, the temperature of the outer surface of the insulation layer can be lowered, the environmental working conditions can be improved, and the burn accident can be avoided. Insulation direct buried pipes have become a relatively mature advanced technology in some developed countries. In the past ten years, China's heating engineering technicians have promoted the development of domestic pipe network technology to a higher level by digesting and absorbing this advanced technology.

Electronic appliances
To improve the thermal efficiency of domestic water heaters, many manufacturers focus on the research of vacuum collectors. Open source is important, and throttling can not be ignored. Doing the insulation of water tanks is equally important for improving the thermal efficiency of water heaters. The material of the insulation layer has a great relationship with the length of the heat preservation time. The temperature control of the water tank is controlled at 5-7 degrees Celsius within 24 hours at normal temperature. Different manufacturers of water heater insulation materials are also different, and some use low-cost insulation materials, the insulation effect is difficult to be guaranteed, which invisibly increases the energy consumption of heat pump water heaters.

There are many kinds of thermal insulation materials for household electronic appliances. The latest thermal insulation material aerogels appearing on the market can be said to be the best materials to replace traditional thermal insulation materials. Aerogel has excellent thermal insulation properties and good construction properties, and can be used for insulation and insulation of equipment and electric heating elements. The highest temperature can be used in the insulation environment of about 1000 °C. In addition, the excellent thermal insulation properties of aerogel insulation materials are also reflected in the following aspects: Low thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity at room temperature of 0.018 W/m·k; Water-repellent performance, water-repellent rate ≥99%; excellent mechanical processing performance; high strength, tear resistance; high flexibility; safe and environmentally friendly; A-grade fire protection.

 Because its integrity is easy to cut, it is used in various fields: industrial insulation, sealing; insulation of instruments and equipment, electric heating elements; insulation of pipeline insulation and heating equipment, heat insulation for automobiles and aerospace industry; heat insulation of building materials, metallurgy and glass industry Molten metal gaskets, fireproof materials; household appliances microwave ovens, induction cookers, ovens, fireplaces, gas cookers, hair dryer special insulation and so on.

Environmental purification

“Modern Development” and “Mediterranean Irina” Wheel Collision Oil Spill: On December 7, 2004, the captain’s 182-meter Panamanian container ship “Modern Development” was on the way from Shenzhen Yantian Port to Singapore, with Shenzhen The captain of Chiwan sailing to Shanghai collided with the 300m German container ship "Mediterranean Irina". The fuel tank of the "Mediterranean Irina" wheel was damaged, causing more than 1,200 tons of ship fuel oil to overflow and form a long sea at sea. The oil belt in the sea (about 16.5 km) has become the biggest oil spill in China's ship collision, causing pollution in the Pearl River Estuary, with a total loss of 68 million yuan. The Ministry of Communications and the Guangdong Provincial Government organized relevant units to actively control and effectively control the leakage of fuel at sea, did not cause shoreline pollution, and protected the sensitive resources of the Pearl River estuary waters, so that the losses were not further expanded.

The treatment methods of marine oil spills are divided into physical methods, chemical methods and biological methods according to their nature. Physical method: oil boom, adsorption method, mechanical method; chemical method: combustion method, chemical reagent method; biological method is to use oil as a nutrient for metabolism of microorganisms, thereby achieving oil pollution removal. Due to its extremely large specific surface area and its special nanoporous network structure, aerogel has good adsorption performance, which is six times that of activated carbon. It can be used for water purification and oil adsorption and VOCs gas adsorption. A new type of green environmentally friendly adsorbent material.

The exhaust gas purification treatment device includes an organic exhaust gas purification treatment system and an inorganic exhaust gas purification treatment device. Organic waste gas purification mainly includes various hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, acids, ketones and amines. Inorganic exhaust gas purification mainly includes sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, carbon oxides, halogens and their compounds. Industrial waste gas pollution is mainly caused by human beings burning fossil fuels (coal and oil) during production and living activities, rock drilling, blasting, building material crushing, screening, smelting and casting. Air pollutants mainly include dust particles, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxides. Air pollution occurs in the atmosphere due to a large amount of nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides, resulting in one pollution incident after another. In response to the properties of such oxides, scientists have proposed absorption techniques, adsorption methods, adsorption methods, condensation methods, catalytic conversion methods, combustion methods, biological purification methods, membrane separation methods and dilution methods. The aerogel's own super-adsorption capacity, especially for benzene pollutants, has a very good adsorption and purification effect, and can be used for industrial and daily gas and water pollution treatment.

Special daily insulation
Due to the unique characteristics of aerogels, new applications have been tapped since the laboratory's practical application, and new products have emerged. The excellent properties make aerogels stand out among many materials, but these characteristics are also double-edged swords. In the decades when aerogels are on the market, aerogel glass mats are still the most widely accepted on the market. Industrial products.

With the development of materials step by step, people gradually turn their attention to the field of aerogel daily insulation. The daily heat preservation field is more demanding on products, because the daily use products directly enter people's lives, so the durability, non-toxic and harmless, and cost performance of the products will have higher requirements.

At present, aerogel cold-pressing cups, aerogel insulation cup sets, aerogel winter clothes, aerogel warm palace belts and other products have quietly entered the public life. Aerogel composites are widely used in sleeping bags, hiking shoes, cold-resistant tents, protective clothing and other daily necessities due to their excellent thermal insulation properties, and they have more thickness and weight to make them more fashionable and design. Flexibility and hydrophobicity, and still have good thermal performance while resisting tensile and compressive stress. At present, aerogel is mainly used in the daily necessities market in the insole, the mountain warm layer, the sleeping pad, etc., and the application of clothing, sleeping bags and incubators is gradually becoming a trend.