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Lower Cost Create Aerogel Insulation Materials From Used Cotton ClotLower Cost Create Aerogel Insula
2018-02-26 13:35:01       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

Scientists from the National University of Singapore found a new use of cotton waste - they are made into new aerogel insulation materials. It is understood that this ultra-clear material can be used to cool the water bottle while bleeding wounds. A research team, led by Associate Professor Hai Minh Duong and Professor Nhan Phan-Thien, extracted cotton fibers from textile waste and made them new aerogel insulation materials in a fast, low cost, green way.


Like silica aerogel insulation materials obtained by other methods, Duong's new insulation materials is not only very light but also has high porosity, strong absorbency and low thermal conductivity. Unlike silica aerogels, new aerogel insulation materials made from cotton fertilizers are extremely low-cost and fast-about 20 times more costly than conventional ones.

In one experiment, scientists created a thermal insulation jacket for military kettles containing a layer of cotton new insulation materials and other commonly used fabrics. When it is placed in a kettle with ice slurry, it can keep the liquid temperature inside 0.1-1.0 degrees Celsius for more than 4 hours. While this sounds like the thermos on the market, the latter weighs more and costs more.



Researchers also made this new aerogel insulation materials an absorbent capsule for battlefield hemostasis. When injected into the wound, the capsule begins to absorb the blood and expands, and then pressure is applied internally to the wound to stop the bleeding. According to Duong, every cotton new aerogel pellet can be swollen to 16 times its original size in 4.5 seconds - much larger than the existing fiber sponge and much faster in absorption - and at the same time it But also to maintain the structural integrity.