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Why do passive houses choose aerogel insulation blankets?
2019-05-28 18:10:55       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

 At present, the more popular building in China's construction industry is the “passive house”, which is very common in Europe. It was first launched in Germany in the 1980s. In 1991, the first passive house was built in Darmstadt, Germany. "Architecture, now more than 20 years old, the building is still operating as designed. According to incomplete statistics, nearly 10,000 “passive houses” are being put into use in European countries such as Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria. The German government even stipulates that certain buildings must be built passively. Brussels in Belgium is the first in the world. Write "passive houses" into the city of the bill. The “passive house” building will set off an energy revolution around the world.

China is also making every effort to promote the development of passive green building, mainly because passive houses meet the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction. Since the passive room itself has excellent insulation effect, the use of energy consumption is reduced and energy saving is achieved. Passive rooms are very strict with building insulation materials, and almost all of them are aerogel insulation blankets. There are many types of insulation materials on the market. Why is the choice of passive insulation materials for aerogel insulation blankets?

Firstly, the aerogel insulation blanket has high fire resistance, and its use range is very wide. The ceiling of some passive houses adopts the aerogel coating spraying process, the inner wall of the building is light steel structure, and the aerogel insulation blanket is used. filling. Before installation, make sure that the size of the aerogel insulation blanket is the same as that of the entire steel structure, and then fix it with anchors so that the entire insulation layer is tightly embedded with the structural layer. Generally, the outer wall insulation of the whole building is an aerogel insulation blanket, and the pipe insulation uses a single-sided aluminum foil aerogel insulation blanket.

Many aerogel insulation blankets used in passive rooms use single-sided aluminum foil, and the adhesion between aluminum foil and aerogel insulation blanket is very flat. An expert from a design institute who has been engaged in wall insulation for many years has told that "aerogel insulation products will have a certain market", and others have said that "aerogel insulation products will become the mainstream insulation products in China." Whether it is office buildings, housing, school buildings, gymnasiums, industrial buildings, or ordinary buildings, it has begun to move toward a "passive" path. These projects use aerogel insulation blankets to varying degrees.