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What Are the Superior Performances of Aerogel Insulation Materials?
2018-01-15 14:13:41       From: Tradematt-Aerogel
Aerogel insulation materials with the performance:
1, Superior thermal insulation properties, room temperature average thermal conductivity at room temperature 0.012-0.019W / M? K, when used in high temperature insulation properties more prominent.
2, Good temperature resistance
Different series of materials can withstand up to 450 ℃ -1000 ℃ high temperature, low temperature range of use close to absolute zero.
3, A unique fire wear wear-type performance
Aerogel insulation materials can withstand long-term flame direct burning, in the far exceed the use of the maximum temperature of the flame, the material will appear degradation of thermal insulation properties and associated with the sintering phenomenon, but does not appear half of the fiber insulation fusing perforation or Porous mineral plate insulation breakage broken case.
4, Very good chemical stability
Can withstand long-term most of the acid-base environment except hydrofluoric acid, does not decompose and degrade, and can withstand various heat radiation (ultraviolet light, infrared light, visible light) and electromagnetic radiation for a long time, and the performance is not degraded. Under the normal use environment Under the extremely long life, no need to replace the maintenance.
5, The overall hydrophobic below 200 ℃
6, Low density
The bulk density can be designed according to the requirements between 200kg / m3-400kg / m3, one fifth to one fourth of the water
7, Good mechanical properties
Tensile mechanical strength> 2Mpa (rigid products),> 0.12Mpa (flexible products). And has a certain degree of flexibility, which is not the conventional sheet metal high temperature insulation materials do not have. The material can be drilling, cutting, riveting without causing huge damage to the body, with a knife that can be processed
8, Noise damping
The plate aerogel material is a porous material and has considerable flexibility and is an excellent acoustic damping material that will reduce the speed of sound in the material to one-third of the air
9, Environmental non-toxic
Do not release any gas or organic matter under high temperature. This product has passed the European (RoHS) test.
Aerogel insulation materials application areas:
1, Construction and interior decoration area
Aerogel insulation materials are super heat-insulating, high temperature resistant, non-combustible, flame-resistant, superhydrophobic, noise damping, environmental protection, low density and insulation. It is very suitable for the core material of indoor and outdoor decorative sandwich panels.
2, The field of fire
Application of Aerogel insulation materials can significantly reduce the weight and volume of various existing fire-fighting clothing and equipment, prolong the working hours of firefighters in the fire, and fire-fighting blankets and other life-saving appliances made of this material can considerably increase the probability of fire escape.
3,Important facilities protection:
Making use of Aerogel insulation materials fire safety cabinets, fire doors and other security measures, can significantly reduce the wall thickness. Aerogel insulation materials, which has been specially treated, can have both high strength and is the best choice for filling materials in such facilities.
4, Electric appliances
Aerogel insulation materials application and the field of electric appliances, can significantly save energy, reduce the size of appliances, reduce the temperature of some home appliances wall to have better security.
5,The aircraft, the ship's fire insulation:
Aerogel insulation materials has the characteristics of low density, excellent thermal insulation, excellent fire protection and flame burn-through performance, and meanwhile has excellent sound insulation and shock absorption properties, and is very suitable for the heat insulation of bulkheads of aircraft and ships.
6, Mechanical, electronic and portable devices
Aerogel insulation materials can be widely used in thermal insulation parts of mechanical and electronic equipment, the use of narrow space to achieve the desired insulation, to facilitate the design and manufacture of certain mechanical equipment, especially the injection molding machine industry.