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The Insulation Principle of Ceramic Fiber Aerogel Insulation Blanket
2018-01-02 16:45:07       From: Tradematt-Aerogel
Ceramic fiber aerogel insulation blanket which joined the nano-porous aerogel and some other functional materials, forming a very ideal nano-porous structure, can be very good to prevent the heat of the three conduction way to heat dissipation. The specific mechanism can be explained as follows:

       1, Zero convection effect. At high temperatures, the increase in molecular motion in the stomata, though not as intense as thermal radiation, is also not negligible. If the size of the pores is less than 50 nm, the molecules of the gas stop moving because the size of the pores is already smaller than the average "free path" of the molecule due to the mean free path of the gas molecules of 70 nm.

       2, An infinite number of heat shield effect. Ceramic fiber aerogel insulation blanket is the biggest feature of the gap to account for the vast majority of the volume, the smaller the gap, the larger the specific surface area of ​​the stomatal wall. Ceramic fiber aerogel insulation blanket internal gap size can reach the nanometer 50nm, with an infinite surface area, so that the heat radiation rays through each interface must be reflected, refraction and re-radiation, the equivalent of heat Numerous heat shields are placed on the path of radiation propagation, ultimately blocking thermal radiation.

       3, Long journey effect. This is an extension of the solid heat conduction path. Ceramic fiber aerogel insulation blankets contain thin and long fiber materials, can increase the road effect, to achieve insulation effect.