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The Production Cost of Silica Aerogel Material Restricts the Market
2017-12-21 15:50:52       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

The Production Cost of Silica Aerogel Material Restricts the Market

With the development of time, building insulation materials require higher and higher, requiring a low proportion of fire, high thermal conductivity. Compared with the existing thermal insulation material, the silica aerogel thermal insulation material has lower thermal conductivity and excellent thermal insulation performance; the silica aerogel material is thinner and the same mass can cover more area; in addition, Materials are still noise, fire, moisture and other aspects of excellent performance.

Many industry sources said that the current restriction of aerogel market expansion is the biggest obstacle. Insulation in the construction field, insulation, the existing insulation materials dozens of yuan a square meter. Although aerogels more than 200 yuan per square meter two or three years ago, but with the large-scale production of aerogel has now dropped to more than 100 yuan. However, there is still a gap between the price of aerogel and the degree of market acceptance. I believe it will get closer and closer in the future.

Aerogel due to the composition of different, mainly silica aerogel, alumina aerogel, zirconia aerogel and carbon aerogel. At present, silica aerogel technology is the most mature, the most widely used in the market. Industrial development of aerogel at home and abroad mostly around the application of silica aerogel material insulation.

Carbon aerogel preparation process is also more mature, the domestic carbon aerogel materials as the anode material of lithium batteries and desalination electrodes have been applied; and carbon aerogel material has been used as a large laser device in the high laser damage threshold optical film in the application. However, carbon aerogel production costs higher, hindering its scope of application and expand the application. Experts suggest that the preparation process of carbon aerogel should be simplified and its production cost should be reduced.
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Chinese scientists believe that once the cost of producing aerogels material can be significantly reduced, the market price will decline, the market size will be dramatically expanded. For example, silica aerogel will revolutionally replace traditional insulation materials.